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"Every map has its Night Sky because the Map is not the Territory — & yet it is....

Ordinary maps project ideological inscriptions onto the body of landscape — but a magical map would share essences with that landscape & engage in co-realization with it. Such a map could then act as a pilgrim’s guide to the Profane or— Secular Illumination — a pagan theory of Sacred Earth as cartomantic spell. Looked at this way, even ordinary maps possess an “invisible” or nocturnal dimension, or rather a set of stars & asterisms that replicate or mirror its topography & hydrography in the sleeping sky — 'As Above, So Below' — sciences that (as Novalis says) will then have been poeticized."

riverpeople is a long poem mixed with bits of prose, insurrectionary history, hydraulics, swimming holes, Big Indian, Oscar Wilde, the Woodstock witches, creeks, kills, vlys, lighthouses, ice yachts, Rosicrucians, the Ashokan Reservoir, wampum, Greek mythology, and a new religion based on Algonkian/ African/Anglican sources, for the re-paganization of monotheism and re-enchantment of the landscape—all along the Esopus River in Ulster Co., New York. Many illustrations, including color art by the author.

ISBN:9781570272608 Now Available 184pp. 7’’x10” $20.00

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