Marxism & Witchcraft



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"David Kubrin's Marxism & Witchcraft is a majestic, innovative, and thoroughly engrossing analysis of the root causes of today's ecological crisis. Kubrin argues that Marxism, by omitting the significance of the world's spiritual, animistic past (imbedded in the term 'witchcraft'), inherently supports the advance of capitalism. Only through new ways of seeing the world, and by transcending capitalist and Marxist views of nature alike, can we recover from the ecological destruction wrought by industrial pollution, toxic contamination, and biotechnological alterations of living beings. Anyone interested in the history and future of life on earth will want to read and engage with this pioneering work." — Carolyn Merchant, author of The Death of Nature; Ecological Revolutions; and Autonomous Nature: Problems of Prediction and Control from Ancient Times to the Scientific Revolution

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