Shut Them Down!


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The overall feeling created by the book is one of hope and excitement about the future of the movement. It re-ignites the emotions and sense of urgency created by the G8 protests and in doing so provides a valuable service in combating the post-protest comedown that inevitably occurs after such an event. The book makes you feel like there is still a movement out there, that it didn’t just melt away after 8 July and that the daily struggle is most definitely worth fighting.

The impressive range of stories, ideas and thoughts in the book reflects the diverse and innovative tactics adopted by activists at the G8 summit, and attacks the G8’s dominant narrative of neo-liberalism with its own alternative story. Well worth a read.

—Peace News, May 2006

In a surprisingly engaging, intellectual, and clear manner, Shut Them Down! speaks from within the specifically anti-authoritarian networks of resistance that organized for years building up to the G8 summit of world leaders meeting in July 2005 in Gleaneagles, Scotland. Against the standard cheerleading style of post-summit reportbacks written by a few participants and many observers, Shut Them Down! is written almost exclusively by individuals and collectives who participated in the building, organizing, demonstrating, and supporting of the protests. Unafraid to be brutally self-critical, honest, and hopeful, the various essays cover the spectrum of strategies and tactics used in Scotland in excruciating detail. What results is sometimes a DIY manual for organizing mass anti-capitalist networks, sometimes a comic book and sometimes an academic journal.

— Jacob Blumenfeld, Left Turn

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