Anarchy #55


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Openers: “No” to All Wars! Anarchists are the only consistent opponents of war between nation-states. This is first and foremost because anarchists oppose not only all of the nation-states that currently exist, but also any possible nation-states that various socio-political and military movements might wish to newly create. Genuine anarchists oppose all wars because all wars between nation-states primarily benefit nation-states, often regardless of whether they win or lose. Randolph Bourne’s cogent maxim, “War is the health of the state,” also directly implies that war is antipathetic towards the elements of social life whose health is inversely related to that of the nation-state: free individuality, free community and all the modes of free intercourse amongst people without regard for nationality, ethnicity, class, race or gender. Essays Preliminary Notes By Los Amigos de Ludd Urbanized Life By John Zerzan 19 July 1936: Anarchist Collaboration with the State in the Spanish Civil War By Stuart Christie The Anti-Anarchist Rhetoric of Leftism By Jason McQuinn The Ideology of Victimization By Feral Faun Manual for Revolutionary Leaders By Michael Velli Departments Openers “No” to All Wars! Inside Anarchy Between Iraq and a Hard Place Alternative Media Review We, the Anarchists! Running on Emptiness Winter Soldier Red Dirt & Outlaw Woman Villa and Zapata Spain Betrayed Anarchist Press Review International Anarchist News Czech anti-NATO mobilization Greek anarchists vs. J24 EU summit Letters Embarrassments to the Anarchist Milieu

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