BEAT: The Latter Days of the Beat Generation


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The Latter Days of the Beat Generation
A First Hand Account By Andy Clausen

BEAT is an unfiltered chronicle of the wild escapades of those who made the living poetry that expressed the atomic age and beyond. Here is Ginsberg, Corso, Burroughs, Cassady, di Prima,
Waldman, Micheline, Kesey, Bukowski, Kaufman, Vega, Bremser, & many others. First-hand accounts from East Coast to West Coast, Prague to Kathmandu, Andy Clausen was there. Clausen’s eyewitness memoirs stories anecdotes revelations of the generation that changed poetry music literature & ushered in the psychedelic era is infused with the underlying premise that Beat is Alive.
With pen-and-ink illustrations from the sketchbooks of Michael Woyczuk.

“[Andy] inherited Neal Cassady’s American Energy Transmission.”BR>
— Allen Ginsberg, New Directions 37

“That’s why I’m reading with Andy Clausen. He’s coming to the fore after living it for years. I’m getting on and haven’t been called punk in years, since prison. Daddy punk and Andy Punk.”
— Gregory Corso, The Whole Shot, Collected Interviews & Exit 13

ISBN: 9781570273438
6×9″ 210pp. $17.95

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