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“As publisher of Rimes of The Ancient Mariner Silver Tongued Devil Anthology: Celebrating five years of outstanding East Village poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, storytelling, humor, and spoken word, Linda Kleinbub has not only been around downtown but has embraced the informal savvy-quirky spirit of generosity that is New York. Her first book of poems, Cover Charge, maps out dues paid under ‘purple galaxies’ or in wishful gardens where blessings, if blurry, are bountiful. In the poem, Visibility Unclear, ‘fissures of logic’ manage to ‘avoid tripping over cats’ and in the poem ‘Fire Burning,’ ‘Orion’s stars drift/ penniless across a/ quartz-colored sky.’ Brimming colors mix and match, jiggle vitality. Kleinbub, lyrical, sensual, sober, has arrived, and she’s brought with her Pink Trees Press.” ― Star Black, author of The Popular Vote

2 reviews for Cover Charge

  1. Phillip Giambri

    The book of poems Cover Charge by Linda Kleinbub is the work of an artist who paints both with brushes and words. Ms. Kleinbub’s poems are very visual and her words flow off the pages like soft watercolor images lingering a moment in your mind as you turn each page. She expresses her feelings as vivid metaphors of gardens, shorelines, and city landscapes, exploring lives and love both lost and found. Beautifully written by a skilled wordsmith, the book is a leap to the heavens for a first book and I look forward to more from this gifted lady.

  2. CO Moed

    What a no-holds-barred collection of poetry from a woman’s unique perspective! Kleinbub turns up the volume of unspoken thoughts. Through her writing, a world is revealed. “Chores” made me squirm and celebrate at the same time, and “Missing” captured perfectly the remnants of a departed lover. Another favorite, “Trailer Trash” — if it is possible to pick favorites from the more than 80 pieces in the collection – succinctly describes that text message so often received late at night. It’s the kind of poetry “snapshot” that makes any reader sigh “yep”. A great collection and a welcome addition to any bookshelf.

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