Creating Anarchy


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Collected essays from the editor or co-editor of Surrealist Subversions, Gone to Croatan and Sounding Off.
ContentsPreface by Anu BonoboIntroduction by Ron SakolskyI Being AnarchyTeaching Anarchy .Why Consent To Being Ruled At All?Liberty ShieldRefusing The MarketplaceThe Myth of Government-Sponsored RevolutionPuppets vs PuppetsWhose Streets, Our StreetsII Hearing AnarchyHangin’ Out on the Corner of Music and ResistanceFinding Your VoiceFirespitterAnarchy in a Diasporic KeyIII Surrealizing AnarchySurrealist May Day Greetings!Marvelous Freedom/Vigilance of DesireSurrealist Desire, Anarchy, and the Poetry of RevoltAnarcho-Surrealist PoeticsTotal RefusalIV Discovering AnarchyA Surrealist Re-Imagining of CanadaBlack Star NorthDancing WavesUtopia At Your DoorstepResources

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