Fatal Strategies


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A major work offering “fatal alternatives” to postmodernity. Topics range from modes of political representationand strategies of refusal to aesthetic theory and commodification, situationist theory, seduction, gambling, andobesity. In this shimmering manifesto against dialectics, Jean Baudrillard constructs a condemnatory ethics of the “false problem.” One foot in social science, the other in speculation about the history of ideas, this text epitomizes the assault that Baudrillard has made on the history of Western philosophy. Posing such anti-questions as “Must we put information on a diet?” Baudrillard cuts across historical and contemporary space with profound observations on American corporations, arms build-up, hostage-taking, transgression, truth, and the fate of theory itself. Not only an important map of Baudrillard’s continuing examination of evil, this essay is also a profound critique of 1980s’ American politics at the time when the author was beginning to have his incalculable effect on a generation of this country’s artists and theorists.

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