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“Lab USA
Illuminated Documents
Kevin Pyle

Lab USA is to comics what C-Span is to network television. If you are looking to escape into an entertaining fantasy world, this is not the comic for you. If you harbor suspicions that the powerful are committing human rights atrocities and are getting away with murder, then this collection reveals the when and where. A docucomic that reveals bad science, in the language of great art.” — Sue Coe, author of Dead Meat”The release of Lab USA. is a moment in the annals of true horror. Kevin Pyle has broken a communications barrier by making a concise and accurate visual narrative of how brutality and racism have been dressed in the respectable silk of scientific research. These illuminated documents vividly display the powerlessness of U. S. citizens and the intellectualized arrogance of doctors.” — Bob Helms, editor of Guinea Pig Zero

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