Marxism Beyond Marxism


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Marxism Beyond Marxism is a collection of essays that critically rethinks Marxism at time when its practice and theory has been seemingly taken to task by the events in 1989 in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Containing essays from a group of internationally distinguished writers and intellectuals, this collection addresses Marxism as a cultural-political problematic. Contending that Marxism is deeply embedded in specific cultural practices, the contributors illuminate Marxism’s contribution to discussions of labor in post-industrial capitalism, to controversies surrounding compulsory heterosexuality and queer theory, and to debates about the institutionalization and academicization of the “New” Left. In examining Marxism’s relationship to cultural practices, the contributors make a vigorous and compelling case for Marxism’s continued relevance. By combining a diversity of perspectives, these essays demonstrate that Marxism addresses urgent needs that are often foresaken by other political and ideological practices. They show how–now more than ever–Marxism’s reaffirmation can serve as a sophisticated and cunning response to the latest global devlopments–and travesties. Contributors include Fredric Jameson, Antonio Negri, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Peter Hitchcock, Kathi Weeks, Arif Dirlik, Kenneth Surin, Rosemary Hennessy, Maurizio Viano, Vincenzo Binetti, Maivan Clech Lam, and Paolo Virno.

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