Neo Phobe


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Neo Phobe
Jim Feast with Ron Kolm

A serial rapist terrorizes the streets of New York City,
forcing a low-rent group of freelancers to go head-to-head with a
Fundamentalist-Industrial Complex in a race to solve the crimes.
“Neo Phobe aims directly at the paradox that lies at the center of all sexual liberatory
writing. Often it suggests brilliant resolutions of this paradox; sometimes it falls victim to it. Everyone should read this book.”
—Samuel Delany, author of Dhalgren and Times Square Red, Times Square Blue
“This is one of the strangest books I’ve ever seen.”
—Barney Rosset, former publisher of Grove Press
“Neo Phobe is a playful mystery novel that smartly comments on what it means to be a working-class writer (and detective) in NYC battling nowhere temp jobs, indifferent
literary journals, and Christian zealots, respectively. It’s also a character sketch of
The Unbearables, the anarchic group of verbo-visual terrorists and beer drinkers to which Feast and Kolm claim membership.”
—Brandon Stosuy, editor of
Up is Up, but So is Down: New York’s Downtown Scene, 1974–1992

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