No Mask, No Talk: Corona Poems, 2020-2021

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Eve Packer

“Eve Packer’s newest book of verse, no mask, no talk, is something different: a poetic journal that offers a clear picture of an epoch in our history that we all thought would be over by now. The immediacy of these meditations on self, loneliness, and mortality is given to us through keen observation, self-awareness born of experience, and more than a touch of wistfulness. You will find numerous moments of brilliance in these pages, but the overall cascading effect is what great poetry aspires to. Read this volume from beginning to end, you’ll recognize our shared humanity.” Danny Shot

1 review for No Mask, No Talk: Corona Poems, 2020-2021

  1. R Wolf

    This collection of poetry feels fresh, not just because it is timely (it was inspired by the experience of living through the ongoing pandemic) but because the language is always in motion. Eve Packer’s descriptions of the sights and sounds of a New York City and her solitary life in quarantine are vivid, compelling, and poignantly human even when they describe something seemingly ordinary, like shopping: “oh to actually be able/ to go into a 7-eleven—/ risked my life today, not over a hug,/ but some asparagus”.

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