Preliminary Materials for a Balance Sheet of the Twe


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Endnotes, Vol. 1
Endnotes Collective
Endnotes is a new journal from some people who previously participated in the autonomist / ultra-left magazine Aufheben.
Issue #1 entitled, “Preliminary Materials for a Balance Sheet of the Twentieth Century”, begins where the engagement between Aufheben and the French group Thèorie Communiste left off. It consists mainly of a debate between Gilles Dauvé and Thèorie Communiste addressing why the traditional workers’ movement failed to overcome capitalism, and what the restructuring of the 1970s means for class struggle and revolution today.
1. Bring Out Your Dead
2. When Insurrections Die, by Gilles Dauvé
3. Normative History… by Théorie Communiste
4. Human, All Too Human? by Gilles Dauvé
5. Love of Labour? Love of Labour Lost… by Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic
6. Much Ado About Nothing by Théorie Communiste
7. Afterword

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