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This is a magnificent expose of the lies that propelled the criminal attack on Iraq.’ John Pilger ‘As the controversy over the war and its aftermath deepens, this is an immediate, detailed and illuminating analysis that brings together a remarkable range of material. Milan Rai does us all a service by providing so much of the evidence that is fuelling that controversy.’ Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies, Bradford University ‘Milan Rai is one of the wisest war resisters of our time … Now more than ever, we rely on his reasoning and integrity.’ Kathy Kelly, Co-Founder, Voices in the Wilderness US Milan Rai’s previous book became an international bestseller in the run-up to war. Regime Unchanged picks up where War Plan Iraq left off: it is a shocking, brilliantly persuasive account of the conflict and its aftermath that is essential reading for anyone who cares about peace and democracy. Regime Unchanged shows how the US government has involved itself in a political quagmire in Iraq that threatens to evolve into a long and bloody conflict. As the number of US casualties rise every day, and fighting continues, the idea that the war is won has begun to fade. The longer the chaos continues, the more the conflict threatens to engulf other regions already bitterly opposed to American intervention. Rigorously dissecting official propaganda and media misrepresentation, Regime Unchanged documents the real aftermath of the war. Milan Rai presents damning evidence that Ba’athists were deliberately restored to power. In the confusion of the first month of Iraq’s ‘liberation’, the US and Britain pursued a path very similar to that taken in liberated territories after WWII: demobilization of resistance movements, and the restoration of collaborators and fascists. Regime Unchanged demonstrates that this was not a war for disarmament, or for ‘regime change’, but a war for power. Milan Rai examines how Washington undermined and finally shut down the UN weapons inspectors’ efforts to disarm Iraq peacefully – just as they were on the brink of a new and decisive phase of inspections. Rai also shows how the power of the global anti-war movement came very close to stopping the war against Iraq: he reveals exclusive evidence that the British Government was forced to frantically draw up contingency plans to withdraw from the US invasion force only days before the war was due to begin – because of the power of worldwide protest. Milan Rai founded the UK branch of Voices in the Wilderness and co-founded the anti-war group ARROW, a London-based direct action and anti-war information group. His two previous books are War Plan Iraq and Chomsky’s Politics.        Table of Contents Introduction: Tony Blair Wobbled -The War Was Nearly Derailed – Voices Raised Against The War 1. Argument Over – The War Was Wrong 2. Regime Change – A Prior Commitment To ‘Regime Change’ 3. First Strike – The February 2001 Air Strikes On Baghdad 4. Sickly Inhibitions – The Political Significance Of 11 September 5. George Bush Lied – A ‘Sinister Nexus’ Between Terror and WMD 6. The First Ultimatum – President Bush Tries To Precipitate War 7. Disaster Strikes – Iraq Accepts The Inspectors 8. Ambiguous Resolution-Resolution 1441, Designed To Be Refused 9. No Smoke, No Gun – No Evidence Of WMD Discovered 10. Powell Lied – The Secretary Of State Turns On The Inspectors 11. Inspection Was An Option – Monitoring Was An Alternative To War 12. Blitzing Dr Blix – Just As The Inspectors’ Work Was About To Begin 13. UN Authority – The US Versus The UN 14. Regime Reloaded – The First Month Of ‘Liberation’ 15. Renazification – Japan And Germany After The Second World War 16. Regime Revolutions – Mr Bremer’s De-Ba’athification Order 17. Coup d’Etat – The US Wanted A Military Coup 18. Shia Fear – Washington’s Fear Of The Iraqi People 19. Crushing the Resistance – After The Second World War 20. Capitalism’s War – The Roots Of US And British Foreign Policy 21. Regime Unchanged – The Brutal Lessons Of The War

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