Reporting from Ramallah


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The only Israelis this generation of Palestinians know are soldiers and settlers. For them, Israel is no more than a subsidiary of an army that knows no limits and settlements that know no borders. Recipient of the UNESCO Guillermo Camo World Press Freedom Prize in 2003, Amira Hass is the only Jewish Israeli correspondent on Palestinian affairs to live among the people about whom she reports. The child of Holocaust survivors, Hass prefers the title “expert in Israeli occupation,” and, as such, is relentless in her quest for both truth and justice. Reviews “Reporting from Ramallah is frontline stuff, powerful in the accumulation of daily detail.” – Iain Finlayson, The Times Weekend Review “Stark, simple analysis underpinned by exemplary interviews and a fine historical and moral sense.” – Mark Mazower, New Statesman “Readers interested in understanding this conflict will appreciate Hass’ honesty and insight.” – Vanessa Bush, Booklist Endorsements “The Palestinians need a sovereign Palestinian state. That Israel lives under constant threat to its very existence is indisputable, but no one who cares about Israel should wish it to survive whatever the means. A particular debt of gratitude is owed to courageous Israeli Jews such as Amira Hass who have born witness to the increasingly cruel terms of Israeli military occupation and settler annexation. Amira Hass speaks on behalf of justice; in speaking of the sufferings and the rights of people in despair, she defends the true interests of Israel.” – Susan Sontag

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