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With The Tactical Reality Dictionary Konrad Becker presents a manual illuminating 72 of the most important terms in “Cultural Intelligence and Social Control.” In the “deceitful” order of a dictionary, we find short essays on key concepts from the technical terminology of “cyber-sociology”: “Ambiguous Information,” “Belief Networks,” “Consistent Illusions,” etc.Rigorously researched through authentic intelligence sources, this unique document presents shocking insights on the dark underbelly of crypto-psychology, and sheds a completely new light on culture and the media.The individual — long outpaced by the deluge of information and the power of the media — is helplessly exposed to propaganda and manipulation. The fear-driven desire for personal security and complete surveillance is contrary to the idea of individual autonomy, but the newest security technologies not only undermine privacy, they force their way into the most intimate and private zones of the individual. “A Leviathan-like scenario where man is forced to abandon his right of self-determination against personal security.” But this dictionary can be used differently…. “Konrad Becker, like a modern Bruno, offers us a ‘Memory Palace’ (a dictionary no less) of knowledge about consciousness and its control, whether by self or others, in the age of the post-organic. For fuck’s sake, don’t leave home without it.” — Hakim Bey

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