The Epitaph Project


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The Epitaph Project
Joyce Burstein
Introduction by Peter Lamborn Wilson
Joyce Burstein began the epitaph project in 1995 by securing a mortgage for a plot at Hollywood Forever, an historic cemetery in Los Angeles known for housing the remains of Rudolph Valentino and other silent film era stars.

The public artwork exists as a tombstone carved from slate like a chalkboard and is accompanied by a bronze box containing chalk. Passersby are invited to write an epitaph on the stone. Burstein collects these sometimes profound or irreverent compositions with a photograph.

The project has expanded to include two multi-media presentations, a website, an installation, and the present book, of more than 300 selections, featuring an essay by Peter Lamborn Wilson.

This ongoing project enlists the help of all spectators in a process of self-discovery about death and life, as one does not exist without the other.

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