The Joy Engineers


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The Joy Engineers
Two Science-Fiction Novellas
W. Strawn Douglas

The Black Hole Drivenovella deals with the rescue of a mining colony from pressing volcanic activity and getting these people to a new home while their old one cools off. Captain Hardesty and his first officer, Commander Bowman, must shelve their relationship long enough to save these hard-working people, and their supply of explosive anti-matter that they use for digging out precious ores. This material is intensely coveted by Earth’s corporate front, and is only given by the “ghosts,” a trans-dimensional life form that will only supply this substance to small, independent groups.

The Oracle novella deals with the test of a new mental-illness drug which is in reality an ESP drug being put forward by doctors within the covert intelligence community. Young James McGregor has to steal enough of the drug and get it to the underground and into production so the folks at CIA and their dummy front called Bryce Pharmaceuticals don’t take over the world and turnit into a place where only the government can read minds.

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