The Worst Book I Ever Read


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The Worst Book I Ever Read
The Unbearables
Over 400 pages of the most searing, scandalous and scurrilous denunciations of fellow writers ever to appear in print! Innovative, free-form and traditional reviews of texts from the Bible and Ulysses to Borges, Calvino and David Sedaris by Luc Sante, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Jim Knipfel, Carl Watson, David Ulin, Sharon Mesmer, many more. Illustrated in color.

“The Unbearables bare all; they are unbearably smart, unbearably talented, and unbearably lively — but here are the Unbearables at their highly bearable best. It’s a pleasure to find out what this group finds unbearable in such an engaging manner.” — Samuel Delany, author of Dark Reflections.

“The Unbearables are a bunch of cranks, crackpots, malcontents, misanthropes,ass-pains and brain-aches. Bless their sour pusses.” — John Strausbaugh, author of Sissy Nation and Black Like You.

“From stapling together issues of the National Poetry Magazine Of The Lower Eastside at CBGBs in the mid ‘80s, to the publication of the Unbearables, Crimes of the Beats, Help Yourself! and now The Worst Book I Ever Read anthologies, the Unbearables have doggedly held onto their collective ideal, punk irreverence, and endless store of creative energy. It’s like the Disneyfication of downtown New York never happened.” — Brandon Stosuy, editor of Up Is Up, But So Is Down

“The Unbearables ARE!” — Bob Holman, Monsignor of the Bowery Poetry Club and King of the Spoken Word.

“Is this ‘nuevo lingo’ or just the infuriating talent of the avant garde? Kauffman and Feast, among others, self-expertise their talents of the comic thrown off centrifuge. So hang onto the Handel bars. The values here are devious, deviant, and delicious.” — Barney Rosset, former publisher of Grove Press & Evergreen Review

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