Thibault or the Secrets of the Sea


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Thibault or the Secrets of the Sea
Peter Lamborn Wilson

Along with Vanished Signs and Lucky Shadows, this volume contains all that Peter Lamborn Wilson wants to save of his Collected Poems, 1999–2014. In all he has published about 60 books, which have been translated into some 16 languages (the most recent being Greek) in such areas as sufi studies and Persian literature, alternate history, political theory and anarchism, art criticism, fiction and belles lettres. Among his next books will be Cauda Pavonis: Esoteric Antinomianism in Yezidi Tradition (Three Hands Press). He has lived in Hindoostan, Persia, England and Ireland, and now resides in the former Dutch colony of NE Turtle Island.

6×9 inch trim, Paperback: 174 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1570273674
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