Toward a Global Autonomous University


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Toward a Global Autonomous University
Cognitive Labor, The Production of Knowledge, and Exodus from the Education Factory
The Edu-factory Collective

What was once the factory is now the university.

We started off with this apparently straightforward affirmation, not in order to assume it but to question it; to open it, radically rethinking it, towards theoretical and political research. The Edu-factory project took off from here….Edu-factory is, above all, a partisan standpoint on the crisis of the university…. The state university is in ruins, the mass university is in ruins, and the university as a privileged place of national culture — just like the concept of national culture itself — is in ruins.

We’re not suffering from nostalgia. Quite the contrary, we vindicate the university’s destruction. In fact, the crisis of the university was determined by social movements in the first place. This is what makes us not merely immune to tears for the past but enemies of such a nostalgic disposition.

University corporatization and the rise of a global university…are not unilateral impositions or developments completely contained by capitalist rationality. Rather they are the result — absolutely temporary and thus reversible — of a formidable cycle of struggles. The problem is to transform the field of tension delineated by the processes analyzed in this book into specific forms of resistance and the organization of escape routes.

This is Edu-factory’s starting point and objective, its style and its method.


Introduction: All Power to Self-Education!
Edu-factory Collective

Production of Knowledge in the Global University

The Rise of the Global University, Andrew Ross

Eurocentrism, the University, and Multiple Sites
of Knowledge Production, Amit Basole

Global Assemblages vs. Universalism, Aihwa Ong

Management of Knowledge vs. Production of Knowledge Sunil Sahasrabudhey

Short–Circuiting the Production of Knowledge
Nirmal Puwar & Sanjay Sharma

Conditions of Interdisciplinarity, Randy Martin

Hierarchies in the Market for Education

Lean and Very Mean: Restructuring the University
in South Africa, Franco Barchiesi

Governmentality and Commodification: The Keys
to Yanqui Academic Hierarchy, Toby Miller

The Social Production of Hierarchy and What We
Can Do About It: Notes from Asia, Xiang Biao

Border as Method, or, the Multiplication of Labor
Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson

The Pedagogy of Debt, Jeffrey Williams

Management’s Control Panel, Marc Bousquet

Cognitive Labor: Conflicts and Translations

Report from the Greek Student Movement, Dionisis

Practices of Radical Cartography
Counter Cartographies Collective

Online Education, Contingent Faculty
and Open Source Unionism, Eileen Schell

Cognitive Capitalism and Models for the Regulation
of Wage Relations, Carlo Vercellone

Notes on the Edu–factory and Cognitive Capitalism
George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici

Translation, Biopolitics and Colonial Difference
Naoki Sakai and Jon Solomon

The Production of the Common
and the Global Autonomous University

A Hierarchy of Networks? Ned Rossiter

The University and the Undercommons
Stefano Harney and Fred Moten

Neoliberalism against the Commons, Jason Read

The Autonomous University and the Production
of the Commons, James Arvanitakis

From a Liberal Arts Student, Erik Forman

Conflicts in the Production of Knowledge
Universidad Experimental

The Global Autonomous University, Vidya Ashram

On the Institution of the Common
Toni Negri and Judith Revel

The Corporate University and the Financial Crisis, What Is Going On? Christopher Newfield & edu-factory Collective

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