Two Regimes of Madness


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“People tend to confuse winning freedom with conversion to capitalism. It is doubtful that the joys of capitalism are enough to free peoples…. The American “revolution” failed long ago, long before the Soviet one. Revolutionary situations and attempts are born of capitalism itself and will not soon disappear, alas. Philosophy remains tied to a revolutionary becoming that is not to be confused with the history of revolutions.”
— from Two Regimes of Madness

Covering the last twenty years of Gilles Deleuze’s life (1975-1995), the texts and interviews gathered in this volume complete those collected in Desert Islands and Other Texts (1953–1974). This period saw the publication of his major works: A Thousand Plateaus (1980), Cinema I: Image-Movement (1983), Cinema II: Image-Time (1985), all leading through language, concept and art to What is Philosophy? (1991). Two Regimes of Madness also documents Deleuze’s increasing involvement with politics (with Toni Negri, for example, the Italian philosopher and professor accused of associating with the Red Brigades). Both volumes were conceived by the author himself and will be his last.
Michel Foucault famously wrote: “One day, perhaps, this century will be Deleuzian.” This book provides a prodigious entry into the work of the most important philosopher of our time. Unlike Foucault, Deleuze never stopped digging further into the same furrow. Concepts for him came from life. He was a vitalist and remained one to the last.

Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII, Vincennes/Saint Denis. He published 25 books, including five in collaboration with Félix Guattari.Contents
1 Two Regimes of Madness 11
2 Schizophrenia and Society 17
3 Proust Round Table 29
4 On the Vincennes Department of Psychoanalysis 61
5 Note for the Italian Edition of The Logic of Sense 63
6 The Future of Linguistics 67
7 Alain Roger’s Le Misogyne 72
8 Four Propositions on Psychoanalysis 79
9 The Interpretation of Utterances 89
10 The Rise of the Social 113
11 Desire and Pleasure 122
12 The Rich Jew 135
13 On the New Philosophers (Plus a More General Problem) 139
14 Europe the Wrong Way 148
15 Two Questions on Drugs 151
16 Making Audible Forces Inaudible 156
17 The Spoilers of Peace 161
18 The Complaint and the Body 164
19 How Philosophy is Useful to Mathematicians or Musicians 166
20 Open Letter to Negri’s Judges 169
21 This Book is Literal Proof of Innocence 173
22 Eight Years Later: 1980 Interview 175
23 Paintings Sets Writing Ablaze 181
24 Manfred: an Extraordinary Renewal 188
25 Preface to The Savage Anomaly 190
26 The Indians of Palestine 194
27 Letter to Uno on Language 201
28 Preface to the American Edition of Nietzsche and Philosophy 203
29 Cinema-I, Premiere 210
30 Portrait of the Philosopher as a Moviegoer 213
31 Pacifism Today 222
32 May ’68 Didn’t Happen 233
33 Letter to Uno: How Félix and I Worked Together 237
34 Michel Foucault’s Main Concepts 241
35 Zones of Immanence 261
36 He Was a Group Star 265
37 Preface to the American Edition of The Movement-Image 269
38 Foucault and Prison 272
39 The Brain is the Screen 282
40 Occupy Without Counting: Boulez, Proust and Time 292
41 Preface to the American Edition of Difference and Repetition 300
42 Preface to the American Edition of Dialogues 304
43 Preface to the Italian Edition of A Thousand Plateaus 308
44 What is the Creative Act? 312
45 What Voice Brings to the Text 325
46 Correspondence with Dionys Mascolo 327
47 Stones 327
48 Postscript to the American Edition: A Return to Bergson 333
49 What is a Dispositif? 338
50 Response to a Question on the Subject 349
51 Preface to the American Edition of The Time-Image 352
52 Rivette’s Three Circles 355
53 A Slippery Slope 359
54 Letter-Preface to Jean-Clet Martin 361
55 Preface to the American Edition of Empiricism and Subjectivity 364
56 Preface: A New Stylistics 366
57 Preface: The Speeds of Time 372
58 The Gulf War: a Despicable War 375
59 We Invented the Ritornello 377
60 For Félix 382
61 Immanence: a Life 384
Notes 391
Sources 401
Index 411

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