Uncanny Networks


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Uncanny Networks
Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia
Geert Lovink

For Geert Lovink, interviews are imaginative texts that can help to create global, networked discourses not only among different professions but also among different cultures and social groups. Conducting interviews online, over a period of weeks or months, allows the participants to compose documents of depth and breadth, rather than simply snapshots of timely references.

The interviews collected in this book are with artists, critics, and theorists who are intimately involved in building the content, interfaces, and architectures of new media. The topics discussed include digital aesthetics, sound art, navigating deep audio space, European media philosophy, the Internet in Eastern Europe, the mixing of old and new in India, critical media studies in the Asia-Pacific region, Japanese techno tribes, hybrid identities, the storage of social movements, theory of the virtual class, virtual and urban spaces, corporate takeover of the Internet, and the role of cyberspace in the rise of nongovernmental organizations.

Interviewees included Norbert Bolz, Paulina Borsook, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Kuan-Hsing Chen, Calin Dan, Mike Davis, Mark Dery, Kodwo Eshun, Susan George, Boris Groys, Frank Hartmann, Michael Heim, Dietmar Kamper, Zina Kaye, Tom Keenan, Arthur Kroker, Bruno Latour, Marita Liulia, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Peter Lunenfeld, Lev Manovich, Mongrel, Edi Muka, Jonathan Peizer, Saskia Sassen, Herbert Schiller, Gayatri Spivak, János Sugár Ravi Sundaram, Toshiya Ueno, Tjebbe van Tijen, McKenzie Wark, Hartmut Winkler, and Slavoj Zizek.

Geert Lovink is an independent media theorist and net critic. He is the founder of nettime mailing lists, a member of Adilkno, and a cofounder of the online community server Digital City.

Table of Contents
Series Foreword
Joel Slayton xii
Acknowledgments xvi
The Art of Electric Dialogue: Self-Interview as Introduction
Geert Lovink 2
“We Don’t Know What it is We Invented”
Dietmar Kamper 12
Rethinking Media Aesthetics
Norbert Bolz 18
Heidegger Online
Michael Heim 28
Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality
Slavoj Zizek 36
Data Trash: The Theory of the Virtual Class
Arthur Kroker 50
How to Turn Your Liability into an Asset: Media, Art, and Politics in Post-Communist Bulgaria
Luchezar Boyadjiev 58
Pax Electronica: Against Crisis-Driven Global Telecommunication
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 74
Digital Constructivism: What is European Software?
Lev Manovich 82
“We No Longer Collect the Carrier but the Information”: On Movements, Archives, and Media Memory
Tjebbe van Tijen 96
Bandwidth and Accountability
Saskia Sassen 104
Building a Progressive, Pragmatic Futurism
Mark Dery 112
About the Brazilianization of India
Ravi Sundaram 122
Cultural Imperialism and Information Inequality
Herbert I. Schiller 132
Taiwan Media and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies
Kuan-Hsing Chen 138
The Ins and Outs of the Soros Internet Program in Former Eastern Europe
Jonathan Peizer 144
There is No Information, Only Transformation
Bruno Latour 154
Implosion, Media and the Arts in Albania
Edi Muka 162
The Computer: Medium or Calculating Machine?
Hartmut Winkler 186
Gated Communities, Themeparks, Youth Revolts
Mike Davis 196
Art in the Age fo the Mobile Phone: Text Messages from Finland
Marita Liulia 204
Media Wars and the Humanitarian (Non-)Interventions
Thomas Keenan 214
Audio Freedom
Zina Kaye 224
Enemy of Nostalgia, Victim of the Present
Peter Lunenfeld 232
National Heritage and Body Politics
Mongrel 246
“The Insider is Curious, The Outsider is Suspicious”
Boris Groys 254
Urban Techno Tribes and the Japanese Recession
Toshiya Ueno 262
Intermedia: The Digital Bauhaus
János Sugár 276
Demystifying the Virtual Power Structures
Susan E. George 288
Media Philosophy Beyond the Dualism of Image and Text
Frank Hartmann 294
Real and Virtual Light of Relational Architecture
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 304
The Power of Multiplicity and the Multiplicity of Power
McKenzie Wark 314
“I am a Believer in the Symbolic Aspect of Culture Clashes”
Cãlin Dan 326
Cyberselfishness Explained
Paulina Borsook 336
“Everything Was to Be Done. All the Adventures Are Still There.”
Kodwo Eshun 348
Profiles 360

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