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Felix gives voice to alternative media makers, ecnouraging disourse and exchange from within the media arts community, analyzing issues of aesthetics and politics, and furthering the devleopment of radical and experimental images of our own. Voyeurism includes work by DeeDee Halleck, Shirley Clarke, T. Kim-Trang Tran, Michel Auder, Stephen Vitiello, Igor Vamos, Kristin Lucas, Michael Eng, Paul Venet, Sue de Beer, Heather Hendershot, Melinda Stone, Judith Barry, Paul Pfeiffer, Mako Idemitsu, Randi Cecchine, Annie Sprinkle, Shu Lea Cheang, Steve Reinke, Allan deSouza, Kerri Sakamoto, Mike Hoolboom, Tom Sherman, Paul Wong, Jolene Rickard, Jem Cohen, Neil Goldberg, Reginald Cortez Woolery, Cecilia Dougherty, Leah Gilliam, Elisabeth Subrin, Laurie Weeks, Jane Prophet, Julia Meltzer, Lesley Wahl, Nell Tenhaaf, Ana Voog, Dara Gellman, Leslie Peters, Alex Rivera, Lynn Hershman, Tara Mateik, and 30 more visual artists.

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