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  • Risk / Riesgo

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    This issue of FELIX: A Journal of Media Arts & Communications is curated around the idea of the political, the transgressive, the risk of making works described by artists living in M?xico and the US. RISK/RIESGO is 568 bilingual pages of articles, intriguing interviews and artist pages referent to topics relating to public space, culture jamming, body politics, reconstructing history, and daring. The Standby Program and Editor Kathy High created RISK/RIESGO with the help of guest editors Ximena Cuevas (Mexico), Roberto Lopez (Mexico), Jesse Lerner (US) and Ricardo Nicolayevsky (Mexico). Contributions by 76 artists including: Animal Charm, Gustavo Artigas, Julia Barco, Ursula Biemann, Big Noise, Mariana Botey, Nao Bustamante, Miguel Calderon, Fabian Castro, Paul Chan, Chilango, Abigail Child, Arcangel Constantini, Minerva Cuevas, Ricardo Dominguez, Ivan Edeza, Christa Erickson, Carolina Esparragoza, Simin Farkhondeh, Adrian Garcia Gomez, Nathan Gibbs, Rita Gonzalez, Marco Granados, Silvia Gruner, Barbara Hammer, Dante Hernandez, Louis Hock, Nikolai Jeffs, Adriene Jenik, Art Jones, Miranda July, Bill Kelley Jr.,...

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  • Shaping Technologies

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    “Shaping Technologies,” the third in the path breaking series of Sarai Readers, is a unique new collection of writings on technology and culture with a strong emphasis on original writing from South Asia. The book brings to the fore a series of situations and predicaments that mark the encounter between people and machines, between nature and culture, and between knowledge and power.The issues covered span a wide range — from the cognitive and ethical dilemmas that beset the engineer, to the legal and cultural implications of copying in a digital realm, from software as art to the history of sciencefiction, from wireless manifestoes to the domestication of photography, fromkitchen utensils to airplanes, from mobile phones to kerosene lamps, frombody nets to biotech, from reproductive technologies to technologies ofreproduction, from computers to radios and from coal mines to call centres.A cutting edge collection of original writing and images by theorists,critics, photographers, philosophers, engineers, activists, artists,designers media practitioners and programmers.Editorial Collective : Jeebesh Bagchi,...

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  • Reload

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    Most writing on cyberculture is dominated by two almost mutually exclusive visions: the heroic image of the male outlaw hacker and the utopian myth of a gender-free cyberworld. Reload offers an alternative picture of cyberspace as a complex and contradictory place where there is oppression as well as liberation. It shows how cyberpunk’s revolutionary claims conceal its ultimate conservatism on matters of class, gender, and race. The cyberfeminists writing here view cyberculture as a social experiment with an as-yet-unfulfilled potential to create new identities, relationships, and cultures. The book brings together women’s cyberfiction–fiction that explores the relationship between people and virtual technologies–and feminist theoretical and critical investigations of gender and technoculture. From a variety of viewpoints, the writers consider the effects of rapid and profound technological change on culture, in particular both the revolutionary and reactionary effects of cyberculture on women’s lives. They also explore the feminist implications of the cyborg, a human-machine hybrid. The writers challenge the conceptual and institutional rifts between high and low culture,...

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  • Sadness at Leaving

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  • PostLiterate

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  • Aliens & Anorexia

    Price: $12.95

    Written in the shadow of Georg Büchner’s Lenz at razor pitch, Aliens & Anorexia, first published in 2000, defines a female form of chance that is both emotional and radical. The book unfolds like a set of Chinese boxes, using stories and polemics to travel through a maze that spirals back into itself. Its characters include Simone Weil, the first radical philosopher of sadness, the artist Paul Thek, Kraus herself, and “Africa,” her virtual S&M partner who’s shooting a big-budget Hollywood film in Namibia while Kraus holes up in the Northwest Woods for the winter to chronicle the failure of Gravity & Grace, her own low-budget independent film.

    In Aliens & Anorexia, Kraus argues for empathy as the ultimate perceptive tool, and reclaims anorexia from the psychoanalytic girl-ghetto of poor “self-esteem.” Anorexia, Kraus writes, could be an attempt to leave the body altogether: a rejection of the cynicism this culture hands us through its food.

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