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  • Anarchy #54

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    EssaysTwilight of the Machines By John Zerzan Anarcho-Communism, Platformism, and Dual Power By Lawrence Jarach From Politics to Life: Ridding Anarchy of the Leftist Millstone By Wolfi Landstreicher Rejecting the Reification of Revolt By Jason McQuinn Declaration of the Society against Scientistic Obscurantism & Industrial Terrorism Anarchist Modernism Revisited By Allan Antliff DepartmentsOpeners Against OrganizationalismInside Anarchy Contempt for AnarchistsThe Life of a Comrade in PrisonThe Sad Truth Lula Wins; Brazil Votes Capitalism “So Many Idiots”-An Account of the Failed Venezuelan Coup Alternative Media Review Facing the EnemyOrganizational Platform of the Libertarian CommunistsThe Clash of CivilizationsThe Culture of Make BelieveOne Man in His TimeAnarchism in Turkey & Bury the Turkish RepublicThe Tyranny of StructurelessnessTwelve FingersAnarchist Press ReviewInternational Anarchist News Montreal Cops Crack Down on DemosFederation of Revolutionary Anarchist CollectivesFreedom for Anarchist Giorgos KarakasianLetters

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