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  • The New Fuck You

    Price: $13.95

    Borrowing a name from the notorious ’60s Ed Sanders mag, Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts, the editors have figured a way to rehone its countercultural and frictional stance with style and aplomb. A unique and provocative anthology of lesbian writing, guaranteed to soothe the soulful and savage the soulless. Includes Adele Bertei, Holly Hughes, Sapphire, Laurie Weeks, and many more.

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  • Leash

    Price: $12.95

    While her “current” spends the summer researching public housing in Stockholm, a moderately wealthy, object-oppressed, and terminally hip New York female of a certain age seeks adventure in the sedate dyke bars of lower Manhattan. Finding none, she answers a personal ad. She is ordered to put on a blindfold before the first meeting with the woman she knows only as “Sir.” Not knowing what someone looks like turns out to be freeing, as do the escalating constraints that alienate her not just from her former life but from her very conception of who she is. Part Georges Bataille, part Fran Leibowitz, this is the Story of O told with a self-referentially perverse sense of humor. Leash extends the logic of s/m to its inexorable and startling conclusion, darkly and hilariously revealing the masochistic impulse as the urge to disappear from the chores, obligations, and emotional vacuity of daily life.

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  • Inside & Out of Byzantium

    Price: $11.95

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  • Indivisible

    Price: $11.95

    In this novel, Henrietta, an unlikely mystic, attempts to make peace with the dead in her life by telling their stories. She is accompanied by a would-be monk. Her “meditations” weirdly intersect with his–in the racially divided and bohemian Boston of the 1960s. Henrietta, confused by the spectacle of her own life, channels the insights of saints East and West with heartbreaking clarity.

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  • Caught Looking

    Price: $12.95

    Feminism, Pornography and CensorshipFeminist Anticensorship Task Force

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  • Airless Spaces

    Price: $11.95

    Refusing a career as a professional feminist, Shulamith Firestone found herself in an “airless space” approximately since the publication of her first book, The Dialectic of Sex. Airless Spaces is a collection of very short tales about losers in and mostly out of mental hospitals and the small crises that trigger their awareness that they are in trouble. Her characters are the subjects of an increasingly bureaucratized poverty, inhabiting the disappeared and darkened sectors of New York City.

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