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  • The Language War

    Price: $14.95

    “In a series of provocative, dazzlingly argued essays, Lakoff charts how the media’s use of language shapes both public attitudes and social policies on current events. . . . Witty and illuminating, Lakoff’s analysis is an important addition to both linguistic and political studies.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review”Provocative analysis.” – Booklist”To say simply that Lakoff is a linguist is like calling the Alps just another mountain range. In The Language War, she brilliantly applies her understanding of how language works to the major political battles of the past decade.” – San Francisco Chronicle Book Review”A provocative collection of essays.” – San Diego Union-Tribune”Often ironic, sometimes downright funny, [Lakoff’s] book affixes the arguably intimidating lens of linguistics to recent hot topics to reveal the multilayered and often devastating power of words.” – “Publishers’ Row” column of the East Bay Express”An intellectually stimulating probe of the nuances of social, cultural and political infighting among people who think they speak the same language.”...

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  • Pure White

    Price: $4.95

    A journal of the new abolitionism

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  • Poland, 1980-1982

    Price: $2.95

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  • The Official KGB Handbook

    Price: $14.95

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  • Empire

    Price: $15.95

    Imperialism as we knew it may be no more, but Empire is alive and well. It is, as Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri demonstrate in this bold work, the new political order of globalization. It is easy to recognize the contemporary economic, cultural, and legal transformations taking place across the globe but difficult to understand them. Hardt and Negri contend that they should be seen in line with our historical understanding of Empire as a universal order that accepts no boundaries or limits. Their book shows how this emerging Empire is fundamentally different from the imperialism of European dominance and capitalist expansion in previous eras. Rather, today’s Empire draws on elements of U.S. constitutionalism, with its tradition of hybrid identities and expanding frontiers.

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  • Desert Islands

    Price: $17.95

    “One day, perhaps, this century will be Deleuzian,” Michel Foucault once wrote. This book anthologizes 40 texts and interviews written over 20 years by renowned French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, who died in 1995. The early texts, from 1953-1966 (on Rousseau, Kafka, Jarry, etc.), belong to literary criticism and announce Deleuze’s last book, Critique and Clinic (1993). But philosophy clearly predominates in the rest of the book, with sharp appraisals of the thinkers he always felt indebted to: Spinoza, Bergson. More surprising is his acknowledgement of Jean-Paul Sartre as his master. “The new themes, a certain new style, a new aggressive and polemical way of raising questions,” he wrote, “come from Sartre.” But the figure of Nietzsche remains by far the most seminal, and the presence throughout of his friends and close collaborators, Felix Guattari and Michel Foucault. The book stops shortly after the publication of Anti-Oedipus, and presents a kind of genealogy of Deleuze’s thought as well as his attempt to leave philosophy and connect it to the outside —...

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