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  • Critical Strategies in Art and Media

    Price: $12.95

    Critical Strategies in Art and Media
    Perspectives on New Cultural Practices
    Konrad Becker and Jim Fleming, eds.
    With Ted Byfield, Steve Kurtz, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Claire Pentecost, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and others

    As information and communication technologies saturate our world, how is art giving way to new forms of cultural symbolic manipulation?
    Are there any strategies that can elude being reduced to styles in the service of sales, or are critical practices doomed to play cat and mouse with the forces of consumerism?

    Beyond the obsolete models of artist or author as genius and their fetish objects, what collective and collaborative practices are inventing new terrains and flows?

    In the fall of 2009, these radical critics and media theorists gathered to discuss these questions, and more.

    Additional interventions from Franco (Bifo) Berardi, Marco Deseriis, Rene Gabri, Brian Holmes, McKenzie Wark, Felix Stalder, and others.

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  • ID: Ideology of Design

    Price: $21.95

    ID: Ideology of Design
    Branka Curcic, editor
    How can we follow the crucial development of recent design practices during the last decades of the 20th century, and their connections with artistic practices and critical discourses? Whether under socialism or capitalism, design is always in close and dynamic connection with the economic and productive bases of society and material culture. Although dealing with broader theoretical approaches, this anthology focuses on the former Yugoslavia, which tried to define the role of design in a (non)market socialist economy. Developing progressive, yet critical and contradictory positions, design was simultaneously presented as a symbol of post-war reconstruction of a country under the wing of industrialisation and the liberation of man from material privation. But as decades went by, it increasingly played a main role in building a socialist market society. Includes Jean Baudrillard, Igor Chubarov, Jerko Denegri, Branislav Dimitrijević, Hal Foster, Dejan Kršić, Nenad Malešević, Metahaven, Borislav Mikulić, Barbara Predan, Jacques Rancière, Feda Vukić,...

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  • Creating Insecurity

    Price: $15.95

    Creating Insecurity
    Art and Culture in the Age of Security
    DATA Browser Number 4
    Edited by Wolfgang Sützl & Geoff Cox

    Today we are facing extreme and most dangerous developments in the thought of security. In the course of a gradual neutralization of politics and the progressive surrender of traditional tasks of the state, security imposes itself as the basic principle of state activity. What used to be one among several decisive measures of public administration until the first half of the twentieth century, now becomes the sole criterion of political legitimation. The thought of security entails an essential risk. A state which has security as its sole task and source of legitimacy is a fragile organism; it can always be provoked by terrorism to become itself terrorist.

    Following the words of Giorgio Agamben (from his 2001 article “On Security and Terror”), security has become the basic principle of international politics after 9/11,...

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  • Upsetting the Offset

    Price: $20.00

    Upsetting the Offset engages critically with the political economy of carbon markets. It presents a range of case studies and critiques from around the world, showing how the scam of carbon markets affects the lives of communities. But the book doesn’t stop there. It also presents a number of alternatives to carbon markets which enable communities to live in real low-carbon futures.

    “This book is a very constructive and rigorous critique of CDM offset approaches to deal with carbon footprints. I recommend this book to any student, policy maker or administrator of climate change complexities in developed or developing countries.” Professor Anil Gupta, Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, India

    “If you wondered whether capitalism could ever produce the perfect weapon of its own destruction, try this heady mix of carbon fuels, the trade in financial derivatives, and more than a dash of neo-colonialism, and boom! But this book is far from resigned to that fate....

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  • The Soul at Work

    Price: $14.95

    The Soul at Work
    From Alienation to Autonomy
    Franco Berardi

    Translated by Francesca Cadel and Mecchia Giuseppina
    Preface by Jason E. Smith

    We can reach every point in the world but, more importantly, we can be reached from any point in the world. Privacy and its possibilities are abolished. Attention is under siege everywhere. Not silence but uninterrupted noise, not the red desert, but a cognitive space overcharged with nervous incentives to act: this is the alienation of our times….
    —from The Soul at Work

    Capital has managed to overcome the dualism of body and soul by establishing a workforce in which everything we mean by the Soul—language, creativity, affects—is mobilized for its own benefit. Industrial production put to work bodies, muscles, and arms. Now, in the sphere of digital technology and cyberculture, exploitation involves the mind, language, and emotions in order to generate value—while our bodies disappear in front of our computer screens....

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  • Art and Contemporary Critical Practice

    Price: $15.00

    Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique
    Gerald Raunig and Gene Ray (eds)

    ‘Institutional critique’ is best known through the critical practice that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s by artists who presented radical challenges to the museum and gallery system. Since then it has been pushed in new directions by new generations of artists registering and responding to the global transformations of contemporary life. The essays collected in this volume explore this legacy and develop the models of institutional critique in ways that go well beyond the field of art. Interrogating the shifting relations between ‘institutions’ and ‘critique’, the contributors to this volume analyze the past and present of institutional critique and propose lines of future development. Engaging with the work of philosophers and political theorists such as Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Gilles Deleuze, Antonio Negri, Paolo Virno and others, these essays reflect on the mutual enrichments between critical art practices and social movements and elaborate the conditions for politicized critical practice in the twenty-first century....

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