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  • This Young Girl Passing

    Price: $12.00

    This Young Girl Passing
    A Novel
    Donald Breckenridge
    This Young Girl Passing explores the dynamics of an illicit relationship between a troubled schoolgirl and her young French teacher in Upstate NY in the 1970s, simultaneously capturing the feel of post-Vietnam life in America. In alternating chapters the novel jumps twenty years forward, tracing the renewed affair between the teacher and student (by then married with a teenage daughter of her own) which continues until the teacher’s wife discovers the affair. This Young Girl Passing is a non-linear love story and a realistic portrayal of Middle America that spans three decades.

    This Young Girl Passing is a deceptively short, dense, ferociously poignant novel of sexual betrayal and despair set in impoverished upstate New York, a Raymond Carver-ish milieu of never-weres and left-behinds. Breckenridge is a pointillist, constructing scene after scene with precise details of dialogue and gesture, each tiny in itself but accumulating astonishing power and bleak complexity....

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  • Expect Anything Fear Nothing

    Price: $30.00

    Expect Anything Fear Nothing – The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere
    Edited by Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen & Jakob Jakobsen

    This volume is the first English-language presentation of the Scandinavian Situationists and their role in the Situationist movement. The Situationist movement was an international movement of artists, writers and thinkers that in the 1950s and 1960s tried to revolutionize the world through rejecting bourgeois art and critiquing the post-World War Two capitalist consumer society.

    The book contains articles, conversations and statements by former members of the Situationists’ organisations as well as contemporary artists, activists, scholars and writers. While previous publications about the Situationist movement almost exclusively have focused on the contribution of the French section and in particular on the role of the Guy Debord this book aims to shed light on the activities of the Situationists active in places like Denmark, Sweden and Holland. The themes and stories chronicled include: The anarchist undertakings of the Drakabygget movement led by the rebel artists Jørgen Nash,...

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  • bolo'bolo

    Price: $11.95

    30th Anniversary Edition

    “In a larger city we could find the following bolos: Alco-bolo, Sym-bolo, Les-bolo, Play-bolo, No-bolo, Sado-bolo, Maso-bolo, Blue-bolo, Dia-bolo, Marl-bolo, Marx-bolo, Anarcho-bolo, Incapa-bolo, Herb-bolo, Jesu-bolo, Krishna-bolo, and so on… all assisting in the substruction of the capitalist and/or socialist Planetary Work Machine.”

    The pseudonym P.M. (taken from the most common initials in the Swiss telephone directory, mostly spelled in lowercase, p.m.) is used by an otherwise anonymous Swiss author (born 1946), best known for his 1983 anarchist / anti-capitalist social utopian book bolo’bolo, published with the paranoia city verlag of Zürich in German, in English from Autonomedia in New York, and in many other languages.

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  • Misery and the Value Form

    Price: $15.00

    Misery and the Value Form
    Endnotes #2
    April 2010 | 176 pages | $15.00 | ISSN: 1943-8281

    Crisis in the Class Relation
    Taking the capitalist class relation as a self-reproducing whole, the horizon of its overcoming appears as an invariant aspect of this whole, albeit one with a historically variant quality. Surplus population and capital’s basic problem of labour characterise core dynamics underlying the shift in this horizon beyond the old programme of workers’ power.
    Misery and Debt: On the Logic and History of Surplus Populations and Surplus Capital
    A re-reading and historical interpretation of Marx’s “general law of accumulation”— the tendency for the expanded reproduction of capital to throw off more labour than it absorbs—in light of the growth of surplus populations and surplus capital in the world today.

    Notes on the New Housing Question: Home Ownership, Credit and Reproduction in the Post-War US Economy
    Preliminary materials for a theory of home-ownership,...

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  • A Thousand Machines

    Price: $12.95

    A Thousand Machines
    A Concise Philosophy of the Machine as Social Movement
    Gerald Raunig
    Translated by Aileen Derieg

    In this “concise philosophy of the machine,” Gerald Raunig provides a historical and critical backdrop to a concept proposed forty years ago by the French philosophers Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze: the machine, not as a technical device and apparatus, but as a social composition and concatenation. This conception of the machine as an arrangement of technical, bodily, intellectual, and social components subverts the opposition between man and machine, organism and mechanism, individual and community. Drawing from an unusual range of films, literature, and performance—from the role of bicycles in Flann O’Brien’s fiction to Vittorio de Sica’s Neorealist film The Bicycle Thieves, and from Karl Marx’s “Fragment on Machines” to the deus ex machina of Greek drama—Raunig arrives at an enhanced conception of the machine as a social movement, finding its most apt and concrete manifestation in the Euromayday movement,...

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  • Salvation Army

    Price: $14.95

    Salvation Army
    Abdellah Taïa
    Translated by Frank Stock
    Introduction by Edmund White

    An autobiographical novel by turn naïve and cunning, funny and moving, this most recent work by Moroccan expatriate Abdellah Taïa is a major addition to the new French literature emerging from the North African Arabic diaspora. Salvation Army is a coming-of-age novel that tells the story of Taïa’s life with complete disclosure—from a childhood bound by family order and latent (homo)sexual tensions in the poor city of Salé, through a sexual awakening in Tangier charged by the young writer’s attraction to his eldest brother, to a disappointing arrival in the Western world to study in Geneva in adulthood. In so doing, Salvation Army manages to burn through the author’s first-person singularity to embody the complex mélange of fear and desire projected by Arabs on Western culture.

    Recently hailed by his native country’s press as “the first Moroccan to have the courage to publicly assert his difference,”...

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