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  • Deeper, Further & Beyond

    Price: $19.95

    Deeper, Further & Beyond
    More Critical Critical Essays
    Richard Kostelanetz

    As a rich successor to his Crimes of Culture (Autonomedia, 1996), Political Essays (Autonomedia, 2006), Toward Secession (Autonomedia, 2008), Skeptical Essays (Autonomedia, 2010), and A Person of Letters (Autonomedia, 2014), this book contains critical essays unavailable elsewhere, not even on the internet, some from fugitive periodicals, others previously unpublished, with indispensable critical intelligence about various subjects that have engaged Richard Kostelanetz, the provocative American critic of art, literature, music, politics, culture, and more.
    Among the interests he examines with dead-on accuracy and quotable wit are Barack Obama, the Osama bin Laden hoax, Mayor Bloomberg, “Affirmative Action,” the FBI and the CIA, Islam in America, Joe Paterno,
    J.C. Oates, John Updike, Virgil Thomson, John Cage, the higher anti-Semitism, the Boston bombers, the Dannemora prison breakout, “Conceptual Literature,” the renegade publisher Samuel Roth, “commie schools,” and the sexual proclivities of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, among other subjects rarely considered so critically....

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  • Heresies

    Price: $19.95

    Anarchist Memoirs, Anarchist Art
    Peter Lamborn Wilson

    A book in two parts, with, firstly, reminiscences, rants, and anarchist (in)activism in New York from circa 1984 onwards — old stalwarts and comrades of Emma Goldman, the Libertarian Book Club and Anarchist Forums, the Autonomedia Collective, the John Henry Mackay Society, religion, entheogens, Luddism, hoodoo, paleolithic reactionaries and future primitivism…. Deep gossip, demonic power, tiny anarchies, the end of the world and theories of everything.

    Converted to anarchism by “Krazy Kat’’ comics at age 13, Peter Lamborn Wilson has devoted his political energies (such as they be) to its noble ideals — and, as Nietzsche says, there are some causes one does not desert if only because it would give one’s enemies too much satisfaction. Hope against hope.…

    Thirty years of Armed Nostalgia, Escapism, Ontological Anarchy and the Temporary Autonomous Zone.
    The latter half of this volume consists of essays on Symbolisme ,...

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  • Opening the Seals

    Price: $16.00

    Opening the Seals
    Robert Kelly
    “I believe that we can bring the deepest language from the mind. This language. All of it. I believe that when we listen deep, deep as cavefolk cut, we find the scratch or cough in stone from which the letters rose, still rise — the written language that comes before all speech… For we are primates of the sign.’’
    OPENING THE SEALS represents poet Robert Kelly’s workings, starting in 2000, with the radical suggestions by the historical linguist Patrick C. Ryan towards the reconstitution of what he calls Proto-Language — a linguistic substrate, ca. 100,000 BC, to all extant human languages — the real Nostratic before Nostratic, ‘our’ language. Ryan argues for a set of meaning-bearing monosyllabic sounds, that work like roots or racemes or perhaps leitmotifs in subsequent languages.

    In Kelly’s poems, each section begins with one of the Meaning-Bearing Monosyllables, and “meditates as well as I can contrive on the sound and its range of meanings....

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  • Crisis to Insurrection

    Price: $20.00

    Crisis to Insurrection
    Notes on the Ongoing Collapse
    Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen
    The crisis runs deep. The economies of the US and Europe are in profound crisis and the developing economies are also beginning to feel its effects. Everywhere it is workers who are paying the price. The crisis is being socialized and austerity is the order of the day; the crisis is used as a pretext for further savings and cuts. In other words, capital has intensified the class war. But the proletariat has started moving. The revolts in North Africa and the Middle East have challenged the neoliberal world order and its division of the world, and the ‘movement of the squares’ in Southern Europe and Occupy in the US have picked up the baton and joined the new protest cycle. Even though dictators have been toppled in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, the protests continue. This is also the case in Greece, Spain and Portugal where people reject the austerity programs....

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  • Placing Space, Picturing Time

    Price: $11.95

    Placing Space, Picturing Time
    Time, Space and Emergent Pictoriality in Some Recent Painting(s) by Terry Winters
    Charles Stein
    Charles Stein’s work comprises a complexly integrated field of poems, prose reflections, translations, drawings, photographs, lectures, conversations, and performances. His essay on Terry Winters’ paintings examines a body of work that develop an abstract language that explores the interaction between information and imagination.
    About the Author

    Charles Stein, born in 1944 in New York City, is the author of thirteen books of poetry including There Where You Do Not Think To Be Thinking, (Spuyten Duyvil) and a verse translation of The Odyssey (North Atlantic Books). His critical writing includes a study of poet Charles Olson s use of the writing of C.G. Jung, The Secret of the Black Chrysanthemum (Station Hill Press) and a collaboration with George Quasha on the work of Gary Hill, An Art of Limina: Gary Hill’s Works & Writings, Ediciones Poligrafa.
    Born in 1949 in New York City,...

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  • Governing by Debt

    Price: $13.95

    Governing by Debt
    Maurizio Lazzarato

    Translated by Joshua David Jordan

    Experts, pundits, and politicians agree: public debt is hindering growth and increasing unemployment. Governments must reduce debt at all cost if they want to restore confidence and get back on a path to prosperity. Maurizio Lazzarato’s diagnosis, however, is completely different: under capitalism, debt is not primarily a question of budget and economic concerns but a political relation of subjection and enslavement. Debt has become infinite and unpayable. It disciplines populations, calls for structural reforms, justifies authoritarian crackdowns, and even legitimizes the suspension of democracy in favor of “technocratic governments” beholden to the interests of capital. The 2008 economic crisis only accelerated the establishment of a “new State capitalism,” which has carried out a massive confiscation of societies’ wealth through taxes. And who benefits? Finance capital. In a calamitous return to the situation before the two world wars, the entire process of accumulation is now governed by finance,...

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