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  • Debt Resisters' Operations Manual, The

    Price: $16.95

    Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual, The
    A Project of Strike Debt

    For debtors everywhere who want to understand how the system really works, this handbook provides practical tools for fighting debt in its most exploitative forms. Over the last 30 years as wages have stagnated across the country, average household debt has more than doubled. Increasingly, people are forced to take on debt to meet their needs; from housing to education and medical care. The results—wrecked lives, devastated communities, and an increasing reliance on credit to maintain basic living standards—reveal an economic system that enriches the few at the expense of the many. Detailed strategies, resources, and insider tips for dealing with some of the most common kinds of debt are covered in this manual, including credit card debt, medical debt, student debt, and housing debt. It also contains tactics for navigating the pitfalls of personal bankruptcy, as well as information on how to be protected from credit reporting agencies,...

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  • Stop, Thief!

    Price: $21.95

    Stop, Thief!
    The Commons, Enclosures and Resistance
    Peter Linebaugh

    In this majestic tour de force, celebrated historian Peter Linebaugh takes aim at the thieves of land, the polluters of the seas, the ravagers of the forests, the despoilers of rivers, and the removers of mountaintops. Scarcely a society has existed on the face of the earth that has not had commoning at its heart. “Neither the state nor the market,” say the planetary commoners. These essays kindle the embers of memory to ignite our future commons.

    From Thomas Paine to the Luddites, from Karl Marx—who concluded his great study of capitalism with the enclosure of commons—to the practical dreamer William Morris—who made communism into a verb and advocated communizing industry and agriculture—to the 20th-century communist historian E.P. Thompson, Linebaugh brings to life the vital commonist tradition. He traces the red thread from the great revolt of commoners in 1381 to the enclosures of Ireland,...

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  • Gender, Race, Class and Other Misfortunes

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    Gender, Race, Class and Other Misfortunes
    Endnotes #3

    This issue of Endnotes has been a long time coming. Its publication was delayed due to experiences and conversations that compelled us to clarify our analyses, and at times to wholly rework them. Many of the articles in this issue are the products of years of discussion. Some articles spilled over into such lengthy pieces that we had to split the issue in two. Endnotes 4 will therefore be forthcoming, not in another three years, but rather, in the next six months. Here, by way of explanation for the delay, we describe some of the questions and quandaries that gave birth to this issue and the next.

    The first two issues of Endnotes called for a renewed focus on the struggles of our times, unencumbered by the dead weight of outmoded theories. However, we ourselves provided little analysis of struggles. Partly, that was because class conflict was at a low ebb at the time we were writing,...

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  • Capital's Greek Cage

    Price: $9.95

    Capital’s Greek Cage
    Clandestina, George Caffentzis, Ernest Larsen, Sherry Millner

    “If we are to understand molecular biopolitics then we must see it working in the participatory mechanism of fascism and today’s fascism from below… Führers and inspired leaders do not seem to be important anymore — the small fascist icons can be as many and as interchangeable as sitcom actors and second-rate soccer champions. Participation is virtual — but killing can be real; you can order a gun with the click of a mouse, but the bullet can blow you to pieces.’’ — Clandestina

    128pp. 4.5”x7” $9.95


    When the Invisible Hand of the Market Rises in a Nazi Salute
    Clandestina ………………………………………………….. 7

    Greek Diaries, 2012–2013
    George Caffentzis …………………………………….. 33

    Lethal Experiment in Greece: Survival and Resistance
    Ernest Larsen and Sherry Millner …………. 77

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  • Person of Letters in the Contemporary World

    Price: $18.95

    A Person of Letters in the Contemporary World
    Richard Kostelanetz
    “I have been writing literary essays for nearly fifty years now. Since most of them appeared in modestly circulated periodicals, it becomes necessary for me to collect the most valuable of them into books. Earlier collections have been devoted to essays on poetry, fiction, visual art, music, culture, performance, and politics. Composed mostly of previously uncollected literary essays, written over the past quarter century, A Person of Letters in the Contemporary World becomes the first to emphasize literature and literary life in general.
    Since I am a contemporary writer, expanding my practice into the twenty-first century, it is scarcely surprising that my sense of literature, as both a creator and a critic, includes criticism of writing in new media, such as audio and video. Most of the essays reflect the theme announced in the title, dealing as they do in various ways with the experience of being independent in the age of affiliation,...

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  • Divine Comedy

    Price: $12.00

    Divine Comedy
    Poems by Ron Kolm
    “Ron Kolm’s title for his stellar book of poems, Divine Comedy, echoes Dante. But Dante had an older poet, Vergil, to guide him through the levels of Hell. And even though Kolm descends into Hell as deeply, he has no one to guide him out. More Stones than Beatles, more Joyce than Steinbeck, Kolm uses words like bullets, images as bombs. But this is not a book of despair; it s a fervent belief that you can write yourself out of a nightmare.”– Hal Sirowitz, author of Mother Said: Poems, Stray Cat Blues and former Poet Laureate of Queens, NY.”Ron Kolm lines up his sites and lets his poems fall right on target. Part pastiche, part cri de coeur, he has successfully limned the archetype of a normal guy, refining this vision throughout his career. Foibles and fantasies are rendered into deftly sculpted verses, demonstrating a sharp eye for detail and near perfect cadence....

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