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  • Divine Comedy

    Price: $12.00

    Divine Comedy
    Poems by Ron Kolm
    “Ron Kolm’s title for his stellar book of poems, Divine Comedy, echoes Dante. But Dante had an older poet, Vergil, to guide him through the levels of Hell. And even though Kolm descends into Hell as deeply, he has no one to guide him out. More Stones than Beatles, more Joyce than Steinbeck, Kolm uses words like bullets, images as bombs. But this is not a book of despair; it s a fervent belief that you can write yourself out of a nightmare.”– Hal Sirowitz, author of Mother Said: Poems, Stray Cat Blues and former Poet Laureate of Queens, NY.”Ron Kolm lines up his sites and lets his poems fall right on target. Part pastiche, part cri de coeur, he has successfully limned the archetype of a normal guy, refining this vision throughout his career. Foibles and fantasies are rendered into deftly sculpted verses, demonstrating a sharp eye for detail and near perfect cadence....

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  • Dictionary of Operations

    Price: $12.95

    Dictionary of Operations
    Deep Politics & Cultural Intelligence
    Konrad Becker
    Dictionary of Operations is the third in a series of new lexica. After
    defining the field of “Tactical Reality” (2002) and “Strategic Reality”
    (2009), this concise manual to the contemporary cognitive environment
    analyzes 72 terms to access the operative logics of social and anti-
    social media.

    Dictionary of Operations highlights the subtext of the politics of
    information and the underlying framework of media reality in digital
    networks. Global conflicts over resources accelerate the social crises
    of mediated representation. Cognitive algorithms question the autonomy
    of the individual and its freedom of action. Looking into the intimate
    relation between knowledge and control it identifies the financial
    crisis as a crisis of rationality and claims “Economy as fate is the
    swindle of the century”.

    Dictionary of Operations focuses on the subjective dimension of
    information technology related to potential political action....

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  • Where Art Belongs

    Price: $12.95

    Where Art Belongs
    Chris Kruas
    In Where Art Belongs, Chris Kraus examines artistic enterprises of the past decade that reclaim the use of lived time as a material in the creation of visual art.

    In four interlinked essays, Kraus expands the argument begun in her earlier book Video Green that “the art world is interesting only insofar as it reflects the larger world outside it.” Moving from New York to Berlin to Los Angeles to the Pueblo Nuevo barrio of Mexicali, Kraus addresses such subjects as the ubiquity of video, the legacy of the 1960s Amsterdam underground newspaper Suck, and the activities of the New York art collective Bernadette Corporation.

    She examines the uses of boredom, poetry, privatized prisons, community art, corporate philanthropy, vertically integrated manufacturing, and discarded utopias, revealing the surprising persistence of microcultures within the matrix.Chronicling the sometimes doomed but persistently heroic efforts of small groups of artists to reclaim public space and time,...

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  • Days of War, Nights of Love

    Price: $10.00

    Days of War, Nights of Love
    Crimethink for Beginners
    Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective

    At 292 heavily illustrated pages, our flagship book is the perfect size for any knapsack and the perfect reference manual for anyone seeking a life of passion and revolt. AK Press calls it “an underground bestseller,” but as it says in the preface:

    “This book isn’t designed to be used in the way a ‘normal’ book is. Rather than reading it from one cover to the other, casting perfunctory votes of disapproval or agreement along the way, and then putting it on the shelf as another inert possession, we hope you will use this as a tool in your own efforts—not just to think about the world, but also to change it. This book is composed of ideas and images we’ve remorselessly stolen and adjusted to our purposes, and we hope you’ll do exactly the same with its contents.

    “As for the contents themselves: we’ve limited ourselves for the most part to criticism of the established order,...

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  • Work

    Price: $10.00

    Capitalism. Economics. Resistance
    Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective

    After so much technological progress, why do we have to work more than ever before? How is it that the harder we work, the poorer we end up compared to our bosses? When the economy crashes, why do people focus on protecting their jobs when no one likes working in the first place? Can capitalism survive another century of crises?

    Our newest book, entitled Work, addresses these questions and a great many more. To answer them, we had to revisit our previous analysis of employment and develop a more nuanced understanding of the economy. We spent months studying obscure history and comparing notes about how we experience exploitation in our daily lives, slowly hammering out a grand unified theory of contemporary capitalism.

    In addition to distilling our findings in this book, we’ve also prepared a poster to diagram the system it describes. The poster is based on the classic illustration of the pyramid of the capitalist system published in the Industrial Worker in 1911....

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  • Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind

    Price: $15.95

    Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind
    Chavis Woods
    Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind is a collection of short stories
    which fit together as chapters of a novel, focusing on the formative
    and tumultuous moments in the lives of two women as children and
    adults, whose characters are abstracted within the context of each
    story. Primarily set in rural America and other transient realms, this
    book combines realism with elements of meta-fiction, magnifying the
    extraordinary interpersonal worlds created by the circumstances
    of their outer reality.

    “As Flannery O’Connor beckons us into the restless, gothic American
    south, and A.M. Homes backs us into bizarre and frightening corners
    of our suburbia, Chavisa Woods guides us through a strange, troubling
    vision of domestic life in the rural U.S.” — Go Magazine

    “A thoughtful and philosophical read. Highly recommended.”
    — The Pedestal Magazine

    “Woods is writer who watches,...

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