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  • No Mask, No Talk: Corona Poems, 2020-2021

    Price: $11.95

    Eve Packer

    “Eve Packer’s newest book of verse, no mask, no talk, is something different: a poetic journal that offers a clear picture of an epoch in our history that we all thought would be over by now. The immediacy of these meditations on self, loneliness, and mortality is given to us through keen observation, self-awareness born of experience, and more than a touch of wistfulness. You will find numerous moments of brilliance in these pages, but the overall cascading effect is what great poetry aspires to. Read this volume from beginning to end, you’ll recognize our shared humanity.” Danny Shot

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  • 2022 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints

    Price: $9.95

    Autonomedia’s Jubilee Saints Calendar for 2022! Our 30th annual wall calendar, with artwork by James Koehnline, and text by the Autonomedia Collective. Hundreds of radical cultural and political heroes are celebrated here, along with the animating ideas that continue to guide this project a reprieve from the 500-year-long sentence to life-at-hard-labor that the European colonization of the New World and the ensuing devastations of the rest of the world has represented. It is increasingly clear at the dawn of this new millennium that the Planetary Work Machine will not rule forever! Celebrate with this calendar on which every day is a holiday!

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  • The Hill

    Price: $24.95

    Gabriele Schafer

    In the middle of the night on Thanksgiving 1990, the same weekend that the film Dances with Wolves opened, life partners Gabriele and Nick erected a 25-foot-tall replica of a Lakota tipi in New York City’s then longest-existing shantytown, known as “The Hill,” located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge at Canal and Chrystie Streets. The tipi was dedicated that December, on the centenary of the Wounded Knee Massacre, in remembrance of the lives lost in 1890, and in recognition of the sovereignty and dignity of the most disenfranchised and forgotten members of our society a century later. Gabriele and Nick thought that if the tipi stood for even one day it would be a success, drawing the eye of over 80,000 motorists that cross the bridge per day, compelling them to engage directly with how our society treats its most down and out. But the powers that be let it stand, and G &...

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  • Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams: Adventures at the Crossroads of Anarchy and Surrealism

    Price: $24.95

    Ron Sakolsky

    The wild current of anarchy runs deeply throughout the oneiric river of surrealism. Here then is a book of dreams set in motion by the myriad historical and contemporary interactions between surrealism and one of its most marvelous accomplices: anarchism. A vast and comprehensive critical history, carefully documenting the fleeting and sometimes lengthy and troubled affiliations of scores of surrealist legends in France, Spain, North America, and elsewhere, not only with anarchism but also Trotskyism, Stalinism, council communism, anti-fascism, and indigenous cultures. Ron Sakolsky’s magnum opus.

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  • Marxism & Witchcraft

    Price: $24.95

    David Kubrin

    “Marxism and Witchcraft is a vitally important book, a tremendous resource for anyone interested in the question ‘How did we get into this mess?’ At this time of environmental meltdown, Kubrin’s careful analysis of how and why the mechanistic model was imposed on science, philosophy and Western culture is vital to our understanding what we must do to transform it. To see the world as alive again, infused with vitality and spirit, we must also confront the violence with which that worldview was stamped out — the Witch persecutions that assaulted women’s power and traditional modes of healing, the genocide against indigenous people in the Americas and dehumanizing African slave trade all worked together to break peoples’ ties to land, culture and a relational world view. Such understanding is vital for those striving to develop an intersectional critique of racism, sexism and structural oppression. Kubrin’s extensive knowledge of the history of science and the underlying politics behind the adoption of the mechanistic paradigm is a unique and valuable contribution....

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  • Hero in Art: The Vanished Traces of Richard Hambleton

    Price: $14.95

    Hero in Art: The Vanished Traces of Richard Hambleton

    Istvan Kantor

    Creator of three major multi-city street art series, Image Mass Murder, I Only Have Eyes for You and Shadow figures, Richard Hambleton is remembered as a visionary underground artist, a daring pioneer of urban interventionist art, a heroic idol of graffiti artists. Esteemed to be the godfather of street art, he was one of the principal players of the new wave of visual arts that erupted in New York’s East Village and its neighboring Lower East Side in the early 80s and gave rise to a new breed of defiant guerrilla fighters striving against conformist museum art. In this biographic novel, author Istvan Kantor aka Monty Cantsin, the founder of Neoism and an early friend of Richard Hambleton, tells the eventful, inspiring but also dark story of the world famous street artist and renegade junky. Through his own, sometime very personal experiences, added with recollections by others and fused into a dramatically flowing narrative,...

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