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  • Exact Imagination, Late Work

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    Until now, most English-language writing on Adorno has attempted to place him in various contexts and to differentiate him from other thinkers. Such work, while important, masks our failure to imaginatively appropriate Adorno’s ideas. In Exact Imagination, Late Work, Shierry Weber Nicholsen begins the process of appropriation through the centrality of the aesthetic dimension. Adorno uses the term “exact imagination” to describe nondiscursive rationality. Exact imagination, which is the opposite of creative imagination, marks the conjunction of knowledge, subjective experience, and aesthetic form. Unlike exact imagination, “late work” is characterized by the disjunction of subjectivity and objectivity. Exact imagination and late work mark the bounds of Nicholsen’s exploration. The five interlocked essays, based on material from Adorno’s “aesthetic writings,” take up such issues as subjective aesthetic experience, the historicity of artworks and our experience of them, Adorno’s conception of language, the nature of configurational or constellational form in Adorno’s work, and the relation between the artwork, aesthetic experience, and philosophy....

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  • Brecht and Method

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    The legacy of Bertolt Brecht is much contested, whether by those who wish to forget or to vilify his politics, but his stature as the outstanding political playwright and poet of the twentieth century is unforgettably established in this major critical work. Fredric Jameson elegantly dissects the intricate connections between Brecht’s drama and politics, demonstrating the way these combined to shape a unique and powerful influence on a profoundly troubled epoch. Jameson sees Brecht’s method as a multi-layered process of reflection and self-reflection, reference and self-reference, which tears open a gap for individuals to situate themselves historically, to think about themselves in the third person, and to use that self-projection in history as a basis for judgement. Emphasizing the themes of separation, distance, multiplicity, choice and contradiction in Brecht’s entire corpus, Jameson’s study engages in a dialogue with a cryptic work, unpublished in Brecht’s lifetime, entitled Me-ti; Book of Twists and Turns. Jameson sees this text as key to understanding Brecht’s critical reflections on dialectics and his orientally informed fascination with flow and flux,...

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  • Paroxysm

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    “To many, Baudrillard’s writings are too abstract to comprehend and analyze; to some, they resemble poetry more than philosophical texts. Whatever one thinks of the man and his work, he is arguably one of the most controversial and stimulating contemporary French philosophers. This book, a series of interviews with him, can indeed be an effective way – especially for the novice reader of his work – to get an idea of his philosophy. The seven chapters cover various political, cultural, and philosophical issues ranging from the New World Order, Bosnia, and the Gulf War to Holocaust denial, human rights, and the nature of capitalism. Baudrillard’s philosophy centers on the criticism of traditional critical thinking. His thesis is that we live in an illusion, or a “hyperreality,” where reality is the illusion of truth. His diagnosis of contemporary issues and events sheds light on that philosophical thinking, which is identified with the post-Marxist intellectual Left. Highly recommended for academic collections.”-Ali Houissa,...

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  • Life Beyond the Market

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  • Precarity

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  • Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush

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    America in 2004 is color coded – and it’s not just a matter of red, white, and blue. The terror alert bounces from yellow to orange. The economy offers up a hundred shades of red ink. The environment is turning brown. National security is cloaked in gray shadows. And Jim Hightower covers it all with uncommon insight, political fearlessness, and laugh-out-loud humor. America’s #1 populist gives us Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush – a hard-hitting, fact-filled review of the real state of the union that you won’t get from the establishment media. With his daily radio commentaries and award-winning monthly newsletter, no one has chronicled the madness of King George the W, the wimpiness of corporate Democrats, and the aggressive avarice of Wall Street with the thoroughness and tenacity of Hightower. Now he brings that investigative punch into this wild and woolly book of fiery essays. With his satirical “Six Perfectly Good Reasons to Re-elect George W. Bush;” his mix of damning indictments and uplifting stories;...

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