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  • Realization and Suppression of the Situationist International

    Price: $11.95

    More than just a bibliography, this is the most substantial reference book yet produced about the Situationist international. It also provides a gateway to the related worlds of underground publishing, anarchism, and the contemporary avant-garde.

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  • Fourth World War

    Price: $24.95

    While American airwaves are crowded with talk of a new world war, narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs, the human face of war is rarely seen. The Fourth World War weaves together the images and voices of the war on the ground – from the front lines of struggles in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, ‘the North’ from Seattle to Genova, and the ‘War on Terror’ in New York and Iraq. The product of over two years of filming, The Fourth World War is a new kind of film for a new world. The intensity and immediacy of its images are beyond anything the mainstream media can shoot, the intimacy and passion of its stories are beyond anything it can feel. Narrated by Tony Award winner Suheir Hammad and Singer Michael Franti of Spearhead, it is a radical story of hope and human connection in the face of a war that shatters and divides. “THE FOURTH WORLD WAR is a daring,...

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  • Storming Heaven

    Price: $29.95

    Storming Heaven is the first comprehensive survey of Italian autonomist theory, from its origins in the anti-stalinist and workerist left of the 1950s to its heyday twenty years later. Autonomist marxism was a political tendency which privileged themes – self-organisation, construction of identity, grassroots politics, subjects in struggle – which in many ways can be seen as the precursor of today’s debates around social movements and popular direct action protest. Emphasizing the dynamic nature of class struggle as the distinguishing feature of autonomist thought, Wright explores the manner in which its understanding of class politics developed alongside emerging social movements.Offering a critical and historical exploration of the tendency’s emergence in postwar Italy, Storming Heaven moves beyond the crisis of traditional analytical frameworks on the left, and assesses the strengths and limitations of autonomist marxism as first developed by Antonio Negri, Mario Tronti, Sergio Bologna and others.     Steve Wright has taught politics and European studies – on and off – at a number of Australian universities since 1980....

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  • Regime Unchanged

    Price: $16.95

    This is a magnificent expose of the lies that propelled the criminal attack on Iraq.’ John Pilger ‘As the controversy over the war and its aftermath deepens, this is an immediate, detailed and illuminating analysis that brings together a remarkable range of material. Milan Rai does us all a service by providing so much of the evidence that is fuelling that controversy.’ Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies, Bradford University ‘Milan Rai is one of the wisest war resisters of our time … Now more than ever, we rely on his reasoning and integrity.’ Kathy Kelly, Co-Founder, Voices in the Wilderness US Milan Rai’s previous book became an international bestseller in the run-up to war. Regime Unchanged picks up where War Plan Iraq left off: it is a shocking, brilliantly persuasive account of the conflict and its aftermath that is essential reading for anyone who cares about peace and democracy. Regime Unchanged shows how the US government has involved itself in a political quagmire in Iraq that threatens to evolve into a long and bloody conflict....

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  • Marxism and Media Studies

    Price: $19.95

    Although media studies is a popular academic discipline, there are remarkably few books that analyse it from a specifically Marxist perspective. Mike Wayne’s book is ideal for all students of media studies who are interested in bringing a radical political methodology to bear on their work. He presents an accessible guide to key Marxist concepts and shows how to apply them to contemporary cultural analysis. Drawing on Marx, Lukacs, Gramsci, Habermas, Jameson and other writers, this book provides a comprehensive exposition of the key concepts required for a Marxist analysis of the media and current cultural trends. Retooling and redeeming such concepts as class, mode of production, culture industries, the state, base-superstructure, ideology, hegemony, knowledge and social interests, and commodity fetishism, this book ranges across film, television, the internet and print media.The analysis is carefully grounded in case studies ranging from digital file swapping to Disney, from reality TV show Big Brother to the spirits and spectres in such films as The Others,...

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  • Queen's Conjurer

    Price: $16.00

    A fascinating portrait of one of the most brilliant, complex, and colorful figures of the Renaissance. Although his accomplishments were substantial – he became a trusted confidante to Queen Elizabeth I, inspired the formation of the British Empire, and plotted voyages to the New World – John Dee’s story has been largely lost to history. Beyond the political sphere his intellectual pursuits ranged from the scientific to the occult. His mathematics anticipated Isaac Newton by nearly a century, while his mapmaking and navigation were critical to exploration. He was also obsessed with alchemy, astrology, and mysticism. His library was one of the finest in Europe, a vast compendium of thousands of volumes. Yet, despite his powerful position and prodigious intellect, Dee died in poverty and obscurity, reviled and pitied as a madman. Benjamin Woolley tells the engrossing story of the rise and fall of this remarkable man, who wielded great influence during the pivotal era when the age of superstition collided with the new world of science and reason....

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