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  • The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism

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    The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism differentiates the “Social Justice Left” from “Cultural Radicalism” and the various social movements for individual freedom.In The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism, Stanley Aronowitz asks the question, “Is there anything left of the Left?” With the rise of Newt Gingrich and his “Contract With America,” how is it that conservativism staged such a remarkable recovery after being discounted in the turbulent 1960s? Aronowitz addresses these and other burning issues of contemporary politics. Stanley Aronowitz is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Cultural Studies at City University of New York. He is the co-editor of Technoscience and Cyberculture (Routledge, 1995), and author of Dead Artists, Live Theories and Other Cultural Problems (Routledge, 1993) and The Politics of IdentityN (Routledge, 1991), among many other titles.

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  • Remote Control

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    “Like her work as a visual artist, Kruger’s essays, published in such journals as Artforum and the Village Voice, are about the ideological messages encoded in popular culture and how those messages convey certain attitudes toward the roles of women and minorities. Probing such seemingly innocuous television programming as “L.A. Law,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Home Shopping Club,” “Good Morning, America,” and the Iran-Contra hearings, as well as more subversive cultural products such as the independent films of Yvonne Rainer and Chantal Ackerman, Howard Stern’s radio show, and the work of Andy Warhol, Kruger deconstructs media and art and shows how words and images manipulate and obscure meaning as they are force-fed down our throats. Kruger is an important contemporary artist, and her writing, while somewhat dense and polemical, is worthy of examination.” — Benjamin Segedin

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  • Marxist Intellectuals and the Chinese Labor Movement

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  • The Disenchantment of Art

    Price: $18.95

    Rochlitz’s critical reading of the philosopher’s work from On Language as Such and on the Language of Man to The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction values Benjamin’s sublime vision within its historical context, relating his ideas about language to current theoretical discussions. Benjamin believed that art was a pure language directly related to God, and like many of his contemporaries amended this idea to accommodate the revolutionary imperatives of the 1930s. The volume is a French translation originally published under the title Le desenchantement de l’art: La philosophie de Walter Benjamin .

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  • Lukacs Reads Goethe

    Price: $50.00

    Using Lukacs work on Goethe as a lever, Vazsonyi examines how Lukacs’ aesthetics is implicated in Stalinist politics.

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  • Absent Without Leave

    Price: $31.00

    They were not the “Banquet Years,” those anxious wartime years when poets and novelists were made to feel embarrassed by their impulse to write literature. And yet it was the attitude of those writers and critics in the 1930s and 1940s that shaped French literature – the ideas of Derrida, Foucault, de Man, Deleuze, and Ricoeur – and has so profoundly influenced literary enterprise in the English-speaking world since 1968. This literary history, the prehistory of postmodernism, is what Denis Hollier recovers in his interlocking studies of the main figures of French literary life before the age of anxiety gave way to the era of existentialist commitment. George Bataille, Michel Leiris, Roger Caillois, Andre Malraux, the early Jean-Paul Sartre are the figures Hollier considers, writers torn between politics and the pleasures of the text. They appear here uneasily balancing the influences of the philosopher and the man of action. These studies convey the paradoxical heroism of writers fighting for a world that would extend no rights or privileges to writers,...

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