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  • Crepuscular Dawn

    Price: $12.95

    “The accident is a new form of warfare. It is replacing revolution and war. Sarajevo triggered the First World War. New York is what Sarajevo was. September 11 opened Pandora’s box. The first war of globalization will be the global accident, the total accident, including the accident of science. And it is on the way.” — Paul Virilio

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  • Is It Worth Working?

    Price: $15.00

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  • Kant and the Platypus

    Price: $16.00

    How do we know that a cat is a cat? Why do we agree on calling the beast a cat? Interesting questions, but an even more intriguing question lies at the heart of all modern philosophy – how much of our perception of things depends on our cognitive ability and how much on linguistic resources? At this point semiotics becomes inextricably linked to epistemology, or cognition. In these essays, Umberto Eco explores in depth such subjects as perception, the relationship between language and experience, and iconism that he only touched on in A Theory of Semiotics. Foregoing a formal, systematic treatment, Eco engages in a series of explorations based on common sense, from which flow an abundance of illustrative fables, often with animals as protagonists. Among the characters, a position of prominence is reserved for the platypus, which appears to have been created specifically to “put the cat among the pigeons” as far as many theories of knowledge are concerned....

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  • America the Scrivener

    Price: $22.50

    Can literary history be written after the deconstruction of “the subject”? In a bold and insightful response to that question, Jay looks at how recent work in philosophy, literary theory, Marxism, the New Historicism, African-American criticism, and gender studies has helped to redefine the relations between writing, history, and subjectivity.

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  • Marxian Legal Theory

    Price: $49.95

    Table of ContentsAcknowledgementsSeries PrefaceIntroductionPt. I Origins1 Questions of Law in Marx’s Capital 32 Friedrich Engels and Karl Kautsky as Critics of “Legal Socialism” 113 The Concept of Justice in Marx, Engels, and Others 43Pt. II Boundaries4 Marxism and Natural Law 615 “Kelsenism” and Marxism 896 The Historical Concept in the Science of Law of the XXth Century 109Pt. III Trends7 A Marxist Theory of Law? 1518 Pashukanis and the Commodity Form Theory 1799 Lukacs and Law 20110 Soviet Critique of the “Bourgeois” Philosophy of Law 20911 Marxism and the Law: Preliminary Analyses 233Pt. IV Contemporary Issues12 The Notion of Law 26113 Law and Morality from a Marxist Point of View 27114 Idea of Equality and the Law 28715 Problems of Legality in Marxist Theory 29316 Rationality and the Objectification of Law 31317 The Old Law Cannot Be Critically Inherited, It Can Only Be Used as a Mirror 339Pt. V Perspectives for Socio-Legal Analysis18 The Social Limits of Law 34719 Towards a Sociological Concept of Law: An Analysis of Lukacs Ontology 36120 Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Law 37921 Marxism and Legal Pluralism 401Pt....

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  • Postmodernism and Law

    Price: $150.00

    Table of ContentsAcknowledgementsSeries PrefaceIntroduction1 Postmodern Perspectives and Justice 32 Feminism and Pragmatism 193 Law, Music, and Other Performing Arts 574 Postmodern Temptations 1195 Babel: A She’ur 1276 The Problem of the Subject 1577 Objects of Property and Subjects of Politics: Intellectual Property Laws and Democratic Dialogue 2758 Postmodernism/Feminism/Law 3059 What is a Postmodern Constitutionalism? 36910 Postmodern Constitutionalism as Materialism 39511 The Big Fear: Law Confronts Postmodernism 407Name Index 441

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