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  • Introducing Cultural Studies

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    Ziauddin Sardar’s Introduction to Cultural Studies is nothing less than the title indicates. This lenghty essay merely presents basic concepts that are prevalent in a postmodern discourse between societal values, power relations, and the value placed on cultural “norms” given in various communities. Sardar presents the history of Cultural Studies as a discipline, which begins in a social context, but the analysis of which, takes place by various sociologists, philosophers (primarily Freud, Nietzche, and Hegel), and literary minds. Overall, the essay is enlightening as an introduction, a good preface to the discourse(s) one finds in most disciplines today.

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  • Introducing Media Studies

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    Introducing Media Studies explores the complex relationship between the media, ideology, knowledge and power. It provides a scintillating tour of media history and presents a coherent view of the media industry, media theory and methods in media research.

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  • Why Read Marx Today?

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    We could be forgiven for assuming that Marx has nothing left to say to us. Marxist regimes have failed miserably, and with them, it seemed, all reason to take Marx seriously. The fall of the Berlin Wall had enormous symbolic resonance: it was taken to be the fall of Marx as well as of Marxist politics and economics. This book argues that we can detach Marx the critic of current society from Marx the prophet of future society, and that he remains the most impressive critic we have of liberal, capitalist, bourgeois society. It also shows that the value of the “great thinkers” does not depend on their views being true, but on other features such as their originality, insight and systematic vision. On this account too Marx still richly deserves to be read. The fall of the Berlin Wall had enormous symbolic resonance, marking the collapse of Marxist politics and economics. Indeed, Marxist regimes have failed miserably, and with them,...

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  • One Hundred Years of Socialism

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    This book by acclaimed historian Donald Sassoon traces the fortunes of the political parties on the left in Western Europe through the twentieth century. Sassoon charts the course of socialism across fourteen countries, from the Second International to the birth of the welfare state to the student uprisings of the 1960s and beyond. Unique, comprehensive, and “appropriately ambitious” (Los Angeles Times), One Hundred Years of Socialism demonstrates that throughout their history, the fortunes of capitalism and socialism have been inextricably linked. Capitalism may now appear to be triumphant, but how much does it owe to the socialist legacy? Can socialism go global and continue to be a force for change in the twenty-first century?

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  • Freedom Dreams

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    Kelley unearths freedom dreams in this exciting history of renegade intellectuals and artists of the African diaspora in the twentieth century. Focusing on the visions of activists from C. L. R. James to Aime Cesaire and Malcolm X, Kelley writes of the hope that Communism offered, the mindscapes of Surrealism, the transformative potential of radical feminism, and of the four-hundred-year-old dream of reparations for slavery and Jim Crow. From “the preeminent historian of black popular culture” (Cornel West), an inspiring work on the power of imagination to transform society. “Based on Kelley’s belief that to make a better world we must first imagine it, this brilliantly conceived and written book recounts the accomplishments of black activists and thinkers over the past century who have been committed to remaking the world.” – Library Journal

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  • C.L.R. James

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    A long-overdue critical appreciation of the West Indian historian and political activist who played a towering role in the cause of Pan-Africanism in the twentieth century. Born in Trinidad in 1901, Cyril Lionel Robert James was a precocious polymath all his life. By the time he was a teenager and already a certified teacher, he had embarked on a lifelong advocacy for the Trinidadian oppressed. He embraced Marxism while living in England during the 1930s, during which time he published, among other works, The Case for West Indian Self Government and his masterpiece, The Black Jacobins. James lived in the United States from 1939 until he was expelled during the McCarthy terror for his political activities. Thereafter he divided his time between London and Trinidad (where he served as Secretary of the West Indies Federal Labor Party) and, until his death in 1989, wrote works of both fiction and nonfiction that would profoundly influence the Black Power movement in the United States and independence movements in Africa and the West Indies....

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