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  • The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre

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    The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre
    Jean-Paul Sartre
    Edited and Introduced by Robert Denoon Cumming
    An excellent introduction to Jean-Paul Sartre’s work, both chronologically and conceptually. Sartre has much to say about everything from love and art to consciousness and personal identity. His insights are profound and in many ways have much relevance to every day life. I would recommend his work to anyone, but especially philosophers, psychologists and ministers/priests.

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  • The Strength of the Wolf

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    The Strength of the Wolf
    The Secret History of America’s War on Drugs
    Douglas Valentine

    “This fascinating and engrossing account of early US efforts to control the illegal drug trade is also much more. Valentine deeply examines the practices of the CIA, carefully and skillfully making a connection between it and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN). The book exposes the close relationship between organized crime and those in intelligence. From the Cold War to the 1960s, FBN director Harry Anslinger, in a desperate bid to outflank the FBI, entered into a “suicidal” relationship with the CIA. In 1962, the FBN began “its descent into knave spookery and internecine warfare.”

    “Valentine also smartly examines the CIA’s role in using drugs as a weapon to turn foreign agents and supply funds to anti-communist organizations. His account of MKULTRA — the CIA experiment with LSD — is fascinating and nicely documented. Exploring the deep politics defined by Peter Dale Scott (Deep Politics and the Death of JFK),...

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  • The Future in the Past

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  • The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto

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    The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings
    Max Cafard

    An inspiring and rollicking brew of Surrealism, anarchism, Chinese philosophy, and Nietzschean trouble-making. Cafard cooks us a non-ideological gumbo with irrepressible spices, castigates conformist philosophy, and shreds pious politics with poetic scythe.

    The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto
    The Politics of the Imagination
    The Dao of Capitalism
    Zhuangzi’s Crazy Wisdom & Da(o)Da(o) Spirituality
    Nietzschean Anarchy & the Post-Mortem Condition
    Derrida’s Secret Name
    The Rorty of the Crowd
    The Dragon of Brno
    Apocalypse and/or Metamorphosis
    Description of a Struggle
    Confession… by “C”
    Bookchin Agonistes

    “Finally! We are lucky to have the essays of this visionary smart-ass in one collection. Surre(gion)alist Cafard points the way to the collective imagined elsewheres of this moribund civilization — while stopping along the way to pin the tail on various obscurantist donkeys. I love his spicy gumbo of common and uncommon sense.” – David Watson,...

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  • Walter Benjamin, Selected Writings, Vol. 2

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    Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2, Part 2, 1931–1934
    Translated by Rodney Livingstone and others
    Edited by Michael W. Jennings, Howard Eiland, and Gary Smith

    In the frenzied final years of the Weimar Republic, amid economic collapse and mounting political catastrophe, Walter Benjamin emerged as the most original practicing literary critic and public intellectual in the German-speaking world. Volume 2 of the Selected Writings is now available in paperback in two parts.

    In Part 1, Benjamin is represented by two of his greatest literary essays, “Surrealism” and “On the Image of Proust,” as well as by a long article on Goethe and a generous selection of his wide-ranging commentary for Weimar Germany’s newspapers.

    Part 2 contains, in addition to the important longer essays, “Franz Kafka,” “Karl Kraus,” and “The Author as Producer,” the extended autobiographical meditation “A Berlin Chronicle,” and extended discussions of the history of photography and the social situation of the French writer,...

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  • Walter Benjamin, Selected Writings, Vol. 1

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    Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 1, 1913–1926
    Walter Benjamin
    Edited by Marcus Bullock, Michael W. Jennings

    Walter Benjamin was one of the most original and important critical voices of the twentieth century, but until now only a few of his writings have been available in English. Harvard University Press has now undertaken to publish a significant portion of his work in definitive translation, under the general editorship of Michael W. Jennings. This volume, the first of three, will at last give readers of English a true sense of the man and the mans’ theets of his thought. A separate volume will consist of his book The Arcades Project, the magnum opus of his Paris years.

    The writer Walter Benjamin emerged our of the head-on collision of an idealistic youth movement and the First World War, which Benjamin and his close friends thought immoral. He walked away from the wreck scarred yet determined “to be considered as the principal critic of German literature.”...

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