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  • Kilometer 0:

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    58 min

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  • Breaking the Bank

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  • Talk Like an Egyptian: An Introductory Course in Spoken Arabic

    Price: $39.95

    Learn Arabic exclusively by songs! This unique method combines music and song with the structuralist approach to language-teaching developed by the author at Georgetown University, whereby the basic patterns of a language are carefully graded from the simple to the more complex, using a limited but very well-selected number of lexical items and forms. The most characteristic feature of the method is that the tunes and songs do not, as in some other language programs, form just a supplementary element with only a marginal connection to the course. On the contrary, they form the backbone of this course, around which all its other elements are arranged, thus making the whole process a matter of fun and pleasure. Classical Arabic is no longer the spoken language anywhere in the Arab world. Thanks to Egyptian movies, television, radio, theater and songs, Egyptian Arabic is the only form of spoken Arabic understood everywhere in the Arab world. This course is ideally suited to the needs of tourists in any Arab country,...

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  • Forced Labor in the Gold and Copper Mines

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  • U.S. Regime Change Playing Cards

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    In April 2003, the Pentagon issued a deck of playing cards featuring the nastiest, most unreconstructable Baathists in the whole of Iraq. One week later, the Yes Men announced their own deck of cards-featuring the nastiest, most unreconstructable criminals in the world! Now, just in time for the start of the 2004 US election cycle, the Yes Men have released a brand-new, information-crammed “52 most wanted” deck. Use these cards to play any card game at all-poker, gin rummy, hearts, etc. Instead of four of a kind or a sequence of four, look for four (or more) cards that refer to each other (e.g. Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein, George Schultz and Riley Bechtel). You must describe these interrelationships as you lay the cards down; using an intermediate (absent) card to relate two cards gets you an extra 1/2 point. You can also use the cards to play the Yes Men’s special new card game called “Try ’em,” for which these cards were designed....

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  • It Didn't Happen Here

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    Two of America’s leading political sociologists explore a phenomenon of American political exceptionalism: the failure of the socialist movement in the United States. Parties calling themselves Socialist, Social-Democratic, Labor, or Communist have been major forces in every democratic country in the world, yet they have played a surprisingly insignificant role in American politics. Why the United States, the most developed capitalist industrial society and hence, ostensibly, fertile ground for socialism, should constitute an exception has been a critical question of American history and political development. In this probing work the authors draw on rich contrasts with other English-speaking countries and extensive comparisons within the United States at the state and city levels, eschewing conventional explanations of socialism’s demise to present a fuller understanding of how multiple factors–political structure, American values, and the split between the Socialist party and mainstream unions–combined to seal socialism’s fate. Further chapters examine the distinctive character of American trade unions, immigration and the fragmentation of the American working class,...

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