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  • Hero in Art: The Vanished Traces of Richard Hambleton

    Price: $14.95

    Hero in Art: The Vanished Traces of Richard Hambleton

    Istvan Kantor

    Creator of three major multi-city street art series, Image Mass Murder, I Only Have Eyes for You and Shadow figures, Richard Hambleton is remembered as a visionary underground artist, a daring pioneer of urban interventionist art, a heroic idol of graffiti artists. Esteemed to be the godfather of street art, he was one of the principal players of the new wave of visual arts that erupted in New York’s East Village and its neighboring Lower East Side in the early 80s and gave rise to a new breed of defiant guerrilla fighters striving against conformist museum art. In this biographic novel, author Istvan Kantor aka Monty Cantsin, the founder of Neoism and an early friend of Richard Hambleton, tells the eventful, inspiring but also dark story of the world famous street artist and renegade junky. Through his own, sometime very personal experiences, added with recollections by others and fused into a dramatically flowing narrative,...

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  • Abraham

    Price: $16.95

    Abraham: A Novel


    “Charles Olson said that if he ever wrote about the American Civil War, he’d inscribe what he wrote to Frank O Hara. Sparrow’s Abraham does the opposite: it is the book that Frank O Hara would have written about the American Civil War if he’d lived upstate, attuned to the materiality of everyday life, listening to the ghosts hiding in books found in small town libraries and yard sales, and the clamor of history discovered in a parking lot in Boiceville, NY, while waiting for a ride home.’ Marcus Boon, author of In Praise of Copying

    “As the Civil War continues to play out in U.S. politics, what better time to delve into the life of the leader who brought us through the bloodiest version of our national strife? Sparrow converts his obsession with Lincoln into a deeply personal excavation of what we know and don t know and should know about our iconic president.”...

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  • Thibault or the Secrets of the Sea

    Price: $17.95

    Thibault or the Secrets of the Sea
    Peter Lamborn Wilson

    Along with Vanished Signs and Lucky Shadows, this volume contains all that Peter Lamborn Wilson wants to save of his Collected Poems, 1999–2014. In all he has published about 60 books, which have been translated into some 16 languages (the most recent being Greek) in such areas as sufi studies and Persian literature, alternate history, political theory and anarchism, art criticism, fiction and belles lettres. Among his next books will be Cauda Pavonis: Esoteric Antinomianism in Yezidi Tradition (Three Hands Press). He has lived in Hindoostan, Persia, England and Ireland, and now resides in the former Dutch colony of NE Turtle Island.

    6×9 inch trim, Paperback: 174 pages
    ISBN-13: 978-1570273674
    Price: $17.95

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  • 2020 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints

    Price: $9.95

    Radical Heroes the for the New Millennium!

    James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective

    Autonomedia’s Jubilee Saints Calendar for 2020! Our 28th annual wall calendar, with artwork by James Koehnline, and text by the Autonomedia Collective. Hundreds of radical cultural and political heroes are celebrated here, along with the animating ideas that continue to guide this project a reprieve from the 500-year-long sentence to life-at-hard-labor that the European colonization of the New World and the ensuing devastations of the rest of the world has represented. It is increasingly clear at the dawn of this new millennium that the Planetary Work Machine will not rule forever! Celebrate with this calendar on which every day is a holiday!

    Calendar: 32 pages
    ISBN-10: 1570273693
    ISBN-13: 978-1570273698
    Shipping Weight: 8.3 ounces


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  • Pareidolia

    Price: $14.00

    Carl Watson

    “Pareidolia’s field of play is that of the questions behind the questions. Granted, as Watson suggests, a determinist science has proved humans are basically simple machines, rotors, churning a mix of DNA & biological chemicals. And granted a determinist outside of persuasive ads, sellthrough thoughts & FB solicitations have configured people into simple, will-free consumption buckets. Watson poses this question: Not only is there but has there even been a human life? And if there has been how could it survive under this determinist assault? The answer unrolls in querulous, curious infernos of seductive lyrics. Referencing (and poking) Stevens, Hopkins, Eliot & Baudelaire, these poems (like those of the last master mentioned) offer the reader the excitement & ecstasy of a sponge bath of blood in the basement of the famed Heartbreak Motor Lodge.” — Jim Feast
    “Talking of pareidolia, Leonardo Da Vinci said, If you stare at the stained wall long enough, you see an infinite number of unimaginable things....

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  • Long Day, Counting Tomorrow

    Price: $14.95

    Jim Feast, with Carol Wierzbicki

    Rasken Hasp is dying of AIDS, given only a few months to live. Then someone tries to kill him.

    “Raskin Hasp, the paranoiac, dourly funny, HIV-positive hero of Jim Feast s nonlinear trip of a novel, goes down the rabbit hole in order to avenge a fellow patient s suspicious death and, in the bargain, save himself. Finding humor amidst life-threatening illness is never easy, but Feast pulls it off. Like a bombshell hitting a major chord (to use one of Feast s own gleefully mixed metaphors), Long Day, Counting Tomorrow is a loopy, vinegary, but ultimately and unexpectedly solemn tale of narcissists and wisecrackers, junkies and AIDS activists, trying to make sense of an epidemic that has always been a matter of politics and prejudice as much as viral counts and body fluids.” — Patrick E. Horrigan, author of Portraits at an Exhibition.

    ‘In Long Day, Counting Tomorrow,...

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