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  • Dissemblage: Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution
    Gerald Raunig

    Price: $22.95

    Dissemblage: Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution
    Gerald Raunig

    Following Dividuum (2015), Gerald Raunig presents the second volume of “Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution.” Dissemblage unfolds a wild abundance of material of unruliness, from the multilingual translation machines of Al-Andalus to the queer mysticism of the High Middle Ages, from the small voices of the falsetto in 20th century jazz and soul to today’s disjointures and subjunctures against the smooth city in machinic capitalism.

    In this volume Gerald Raunig not only develops a conceptual ecology of concepts of joining and jointing, but also undertakes an experiment in theoretical form. Semi-fictional interweaves with meticulously researched historical sources, mystical writings with letters from friends, philosophical fragments with poetic ritornellos. More than a narrative about dissemblages from social surrounds, thing-worlds, and ghost-worlds, the book itself is a dividual multiplicity in form and content, out of joint, in the joints, dissemblage.

    Bio: Gerald Raunig is philosopher at the Zurich University of the Arts and co-editor of the multilingual publishing platform transversal texts....

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    Gerald Raunig  »
  • Conversazione

    Price: $16.95

    Peter Lamborn Wilson with Tamas Panitz and others

    “Speech acts” have always been an important part of Peter Lamborn Wilson’s practice as a writer. For many years he hosted a talk show on WBAI in New York City, spoke in public at the Open Center and the Anarchist Forum in New York, and lectured at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder.

    Here are four “Conversazione” on subjects ranging from the philosophy of food (or gastrosophy, as Charles Fourier called it) to a discussion of the intentions and fates of many of his major books, moderated by poet Tamas Panitz. Poet and classicist Charles Stein and artist Phyllis Segura chime in.

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  • The Lady Anarchist Café

    Price: $15.95

    “Welcome to THE LADY ANARCHIST CAFÉ, where ‘the occult and the everyday intermingle.’ It’s a phantasmic feminist space, where you can spot Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ, Emma Goldman, the Bronte sisters and a host of other luminaries. The poems and stories in this visionary collection are by turns satiric, playful, utopian, psychedelic and gritty.” ― Elaine Equi, poet

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  • Cover Charge

    Price: $14.95

    “As publisher of Rimes of The Ancient Mariner Silver Tongued Devil Anthology: Celebrating five years of outstanding East Village poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, storytelling, humor, and spoken word, Linda Kleinbub has not only been around downtown but has embraced the informal savvy-quirky spirit of generosity that is New York. Her first book of poems, Cover Charge, maps out dues paid under ‘purple galaxies’ or in wishful gardens where blessings, if blurry, are bountiful. In the poem, Visibility Unclear, ‘fissures of logic’ manage to ‘avoid tripping over cats’ and in the poem ‘Fire Burning,’ ‘Orion’s stars drift/ penniless across a/ quartz-colored sky.’ Brimming colors mix and match, jiggle vitality. Kleinbub, lyrical, sensual, sober, has arrived, and she’s brought with her Pink Trees Press.” ― Star Black, author of The Popular Vote

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  • Horizons, by Liaisons

    Price: $14.95

    Liaisons is an international editorial collective that gathers experiences from struggles around the world. For our second book, Horizons, we asked comrades whether it’s still possible to envision revolution today, and to what extent classical notions of revolution might need to be rethought. Our inquiry received a variety of responses: while some emphasize the absence of revolutionary horizons or search for lessons among the experiments and failures of the past, others suggest revolution might be re-conceived as the gradual growth of a revolutionary force and the accumulation of “partial victories.” With ten texts from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Sudan, and the US, Horizons is a planetary attempt to rethink and renew the revolutionary tradition in the twenty-first century.

    1. In the Wake of an Uprising
    2. A Constellation of Horizons
    3. End of Horizons
    4. Inhabiting Fragmentation
    5. Lysergic Horizons
    6. The Revolution Starts Now!
    7. We are Not as Gods

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  • False Messiah: Crypto-Xtian Tracts and Fragments

    Price: $19.95

    False Messiah: Crypto-Xtian Tracts and Fragments
    By Peter Lamborn Wilson

    “There is no other book quite like this one, in which the poet, polymath, hermetic scholar, and spiritual historian Peter Lamborn Wilson undertakes to unveil the hidden esoteric history of Christianity. Anyone willing to look beyond and beneath the various outer forms assumed by Christianity — from Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, to Alchemical and Masonic manifestations — will find here much food for thought and contemplation. Highly recommended.” — Christopher Bamford, author of An Endless Trace: The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West

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