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  • Long Day, Counting Tomorrow

    Price: $14.95

    Jim Feast, with Carol Wierzbicki

    Rasken Hasp is dying of AIDS, given only a few months to live. Then someone tries to kill him.

    “Raskin Hasp, the paranoiac, dourly funny, HIV-positive hero of Jim Feast s nonlinear trip of a novel, goes down the rabbit hole in order to avenge a fellow patient s suspicious death and, in the bargain, save himself. Finding humor amidst life-threatening illness is never easy, but Feast pulls it off. Like a bombshell hitting a major chord (to use one of Feast s own gleefully mixed metaphors), Long Day, Counting Tomorrow is a loopy, vinegary, but ultimately and unexpectedly solemn tale of narcissists and wisecrackers, junkies and AIDS activists, trying to make sense of an epidemic that has always been a matter of politics and prejudice as much as viral counts and body fluids.” — Patrick E. Horrigan, author of Portraits at an Exhibition.

    ‘In Long Day, Counting Tomorrow,...

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  • Night Market Noodles

    Price: $13.95

    Peter Lamborn Wilson

    Do you hate short stories but love tales? Like Tales of Hoffman, Lord Dunsany, Borges, Isak Dinesen, Calvino, Jack Vance’s Dying Earth, Leonora Carrington, Theodore Sturgeon, Angela Carter, L. Frank Baum…? Then… maybe you’ll like these. Take them to the beach!

    “Sometimes when the world gets overwhelmingly hostile, you find yourself in need of the drug called Utopia. You’ll want to gather round, then, as Peter Lamborn Wilson hitches his mule, takes down his saddle bags, and unrolls five tales of time, space and beguiling societies rich in adventure, dreams and food, and low in laws and machines.” — Luc Sante, author of The Other Paris

    About the Author
    Peter Lamborn Wilson is also the author of riverpeople (Autonomedia), a long poem with stories in it, and False Documents (Station Hill), his collected lies. He lives, as much as possible, in 1911.

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  • From Somewhere to Nowhere: The End of the American Dream

    Price: $20.00

    The Unbearables

    Edited by Jim Feast, Ron Kolm and Shalom Neuman

    Another mammoth anthology by The Unbearables, downtown New York s “drinking collective with a writing problem,” assaying the decline and fall of the world’s recent foremost superpower, from 9/11 to the rise of the Trumpist “moronarchy.”

    Paperback: 584 pages, color illustrations, ISBN-13: 978-1570272523, $19.95

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  • A Change in the Weather

    Price: $9.95

    Poems by Ron Kolm

    A Change in the Weather is a new collection of poems by legendary downtown poet Ron Kolm, founding member of the Unbearables and author of The Plastic Factory, Divine Comedy, Suburban Ambush, Duke & Jill and Night Shift.
    “A born storyteller, documentarian and wild soul, Ron Kolm brings all the insight of a keen observer of life, whether it is in New York City, the Pennsylvania landscape of his youth, or the scenarios in fictionalized collage poems culled from photographs and letters. Kolm embraces the world around him: the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.” –John J. Trause, author of Picture This: For Your Eyes and Ears, Exercises in High Treason, Seriously Serial, and Eye Candy for Andy.

    “Open these pages and join Ron Kolm, arch-denizen of New York City, as he picks his way through the lethal and potentially surreal. In Kolm’s world, dada is a verb and anything is possible in the mope-eyed bookstores and dystopic subway darknesses he traverses....

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  • Yodel in Hi-Fi

    Price: $20.00

    Yodel in Hi-Fi
    From Kitsch Folk to Contemporary Electronica

    Bart Plantenga

    Yodel in Hi-Fi explores the vibrant and varied traditions of yodelers around the world. Far from being a quaint and dying art, yodel is a thriving vocal technique that has been perennially renewed by singers from Switzerland to Korea, from Colorado to Iran. Bart Plantenga offers a lively and surprising tour of yodeling in genres from opera to hip-hop and in venues from cowboy campfires and Oktoberfests to film soundtracks and yogurt commercials. Displaying an extraordinary versatility, yodeling crosses all borders and circumvents all language barriers to assume its rightful place in the world of music.

    356 pp., paperbound
    8 x 10 inches, 47 b/w illus.
    ISBN: 978-029929054-2

    “Chock-full of both amusing and informative sidebars, pictures, and accessible text that is both quasi-academic and popular, Plantenga’s book wends its musicological way across a diverse cultural spectrum that includes everything from yodeling’s traditional Bavarian alpine roots to a multinational cast of yodelers from Japan,...

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  • The Lost Traveller's Dream

    Price: $19.95

    The Lost Traveller’s Dream
    A Memoir by Joel Kovel

    The influential author of White Racism: A Psychohistory; The Age of Desire; History and Spirit; Red Hunting in the Promised Land; The Enemy of Natureand the controversial Overcoming Zionism, among others, offers a memoir of his first 80 years, from his early Jewish upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, his Yale and Columbia medical training, his years as a psychiatrist, Reichian psychoanalyst and subsequent academic career, to his embracing of Marxist political economy and commitment to radical ecosocialism. Highlights include his 1998 Green Party candidacy for the US Senate, his campaign in 2000 for the Green nomination for President of the United States, his work with the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, and his recent Christian spiritual conversion.
    6 x 9 trim, 376 pp., paperbound, color and b/w images
    ISBN: 978-1-57027-321-6, $20 list

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