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  • C. Wright Mills

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    “Marks an important contribution to our understanding of the provocative work of eminent sociologist Mills. The editors’ descriptions of the contexts of many letters, a chronology of Mills’s life, and notes on correspondents enrich this volume.”–Library Journal”This collection…reminds us of the writer’s scrupulous and generous mind, presenting ideas that continue to resonate today…[it] offers a glimpse into the writer’s personal life as well as into his intellectual relationships with such vital 20th-century thinkers as David Riesman, Saul Alinsky, Leo Lowenthal, Harvey Swados and Dan Wakefield… One of the great discoveries included in the book is Mills’s FBI file, which was started after he wrote the bestselling Listen, Yankee (1960), a defense of the Cuban revolution. This file, which documents a possible assassination attempt on Mills in response to the book, is a chilling reminder of the hostility faced by liberal intellectuals in the 1950.”–Publishers Weekly”The ‘Tovarich’ essays are among the highlights of the long overdue “C. Wright Mills: Letters and Autobiographical Writings”...

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  • Heretics & Hellraisers

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  • Body/Text in Julia Kristeva

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  • Radicalism in Mediterranean France, 1848-1914

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  • Intimacy and Spectacle

    Price: $14.95

    “Finally, a thoughtful and pointed critique of contemporary liberal theory . . . that breaks fresh ground by treating liberal theory as a form of political education which is deeply dependent upon a distinctive culture and strongly imbued with a particular conception of reason. . . . An original, humane, and consistently intelligent book, a must for those who care about democracy.” – Sheldon S. Wolin Table of Contents Preface Introduction Terms of the Argument Liberal Theories and Their Problems Liberal Theorists and Their Ideals From Hobbesian Geometry to Kantian Casuistry John Stuart Mill Representing Progress John Rawls Speaking for Stability Envisioning Democratic Theory Emerson Reconsidered Index

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  • Data Trash

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    Smelling the virtual flowers and counting the road-kill on the digital superhighway, Data Trash explores our obsession with cyber-culture, and our fascination with the disappearance of the human body in virtual reality. “We are data trash. And it’s good.”Arthur Kroker is the author of Spasm, The Possessed Individual and The Postmodern Scene, among others. A contirbuting editor of Mondo 2000 and co-editor of the electronic journal, CTheory, he is Professor of Political Science at Concordia University, Montreal. Michael Weinstein is Professor of Political Philosophy at Purdue Unhiversity, photography critic for New City in Chicago, and a rap poet.

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