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  • Ideologies of Theory: Essays 1971-1986

    Price: $12.95

    In all his essays, Jameson explores theoretical territory then unknown to most American critics, brings back ideas, explains and criticizes them, and does so both inventively and systematically. The ‘system’ he helps to construct is a set of critical attitudes rather than a stale enclosure of interpretive rules, and those attitudes have changed the shape of American thought about literature and culture, not only in the academy but also in the literate press.

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  • Fantasies of Salvation

    Price: $39.95

    Eastern Europe has become an ideological battleground since the collapse of the Soviet Union, with liberals and authoritarians struggling to seize the ground lost by Marxism. In^I Fantasies of Salvation^N, Vladimir Tismaneanu traces the intellectual history of this struggle and warns that authoritarian nationalists pose a serious threat to democratic forces. A leading observer of the often baffling world of post- Communist Europe, Tismaneanu shows that extreme nationalistic and authoritarian thought has been influential in Eastern Europe for much of this century, while liberalism has only shallow historical roots. Despite demo-cratic successes in places such as the Czech Republic and Poland, he argues, it would be a mistake for the West to assume that liberalism will always triumph. He backs this argument by showing how nationalist intellectuals have encouraged ethnic hatred in such countries as Russia, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia by reviving patriotic myths of heroes, scapegoats, and historical injustices. And he shows how enthusiastically these myths have been welcomed by people desperate for some form of “salvation”...

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  • Information Inequality

    Price: $24.95

    Herbert Schiller, long one of America’s leading critics of the communications industry, here offers a salvo in the battle over information. In Information Inequality he explains how privatization and the corporate economy directly affect our most highly prized democratic institutions: schools and libraries, media, and political culture. A master media-watcher, Schiller presents a crisp and far-reaching indictment of the “data deprivation” corporate interests are inflicting on the social fabric.

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  • Jacques Lacan

    Price: $45.00

    First published in France 1993, Elizabeth Roudinesco’s definitive biography, Jacques Lacan, is neither hagiographic nor vindictive; Ms. Roudinesco, a psychoanalyst based in Paris and the author of two previous books on the history of psychoanalysis in France, employs the wise strategy of the pre-emptive strike–she acknowledges Lacan’s personal absurdity and literary extravagence while simultaneously showing why and how he matters. . . . Ms. Roudinesco captures the freshness of the intellectual world in which Lacan’s developing notions were concocted, before the parochialism of his heirs rendered Lacanian thinking monolithic and humorless. . . . Ms. Roudinesco’s biography, solidly translated by Barbara Bray, is a welcome aid to keeping him in perspective.

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  • Neither Right Nor Left

    Price: $24.95

    “Few books on European history in recent memory have caused such controversy and commotion,” wrote Robert Wohl in 1991 in a major review of Neither Right nor Left. Listed by Le Monde as one of the forty most important books published in France during the 1980s, this explosive work asserts that fascism was an important part of the mainstream of European history, not just a temporary development in Germany and Italy but a significant aspect of French culture as well. Neither right nor left, fascism united antibourgeois, antiliberal nationalism, and revolutionary syndicalist thought, each of which joined in reflecting the political culture inherited from eighteenth-century France. From the first, Sternhell’s argument generated strong feelings among people who wished to forget the Vichy years, and his themes drew enormous public attention in 1994, as Paul Touvier was condemned for crimes against humanity and a new biography probed President Mitterand’s Vichy connections. The author’s new preface speaks to the debates of 1994 and reinforces the necessity of acknowledging the past,...

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  • Rural Radicals

    Price: $29.95

    A historian at Connecticut College, Stock identifies a long-standing strain of extremist rage in the rural heartland of America which informs the current right-wing militia groups, the survivalists, and the Christian Identity zealots. She suggests that ignorance and denial of this cultural are what made the Oklahoma bombing such a shock. She cites examples like Nathaniel Bacon’s rebel group in colonial days, and the uprising led by Daniel Shays in Pennsylvania in George Washington’s time, as exemplars of hatred of federal authority and federal taxes, and of an ugly rural cultural isolationism. In time, fed by economic insecurity, gun craziness, and crude machismo, this would manifest itself in hatred of Indians, blacks, Mormons, Mexicans, and Asians–an enduring contradiction of American idealism.

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