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  • Hèléne Cixous

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    Reflecting the broad spectrum of modern European and American theory, this volume from an introductory series focuses on those cultural theorists who have had the most significant impact in the twentieth century. This series aims to show how modern thinkers differ in their approaches to interpreting culture, texts, society, language, history, gender, and social life. This book demonstrates how the fiction, literary criticism, and epic theater of Cixous since the 1960s can be read as a chronicle of the major intellectual currents in France during the past three decades; and interprets her work as somewhere between poetry and politics, creating and defining a new form that accounts for feminist values.

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  • Red Hunting in the Promised Land

    Price: $18.95

    In the wake of the cold war, an eminent social critic examines the roots of America’s anticommunist frenzy. What amounted to an American civil religion for nearly half a century was at least as much a spiritual as a political phenomenon, according to Joel Kovel. It succeeded because it mobilized fears about our own social and individual identities against a demonized enemy. Organized around a series of compelling portraits of leading politicians and ideologues, Red Hunting in the Promised Land traces the evolution of anticommunism from the time of the Bolshevik Revolution to the collapse of Communism in our time. Beginning with the great red scare of 1919, Kovel goes on to explore the diabolic imaginings of Father Coughlin and his brand of anti-Semitic anticommunism; George Kennan and his elitist vision of the national security state; John Foster Dulles and the apocalyptic world of “massive retaliation”; J. Edgar Hoover and the paranoia of socio-sexual repression; Joe McCarthy and the right-wing populism of the “American Inquisition”;...

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  • Tel Quel Reader

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    The Tel Quel Reader presents for the first time in English many of the key essays that played an instrumental role in shaping the contours of literary and cultural debate in the 1960s and 1970s. Tel Quel was a French journal and publishing team that printed some of the earliest work by Derrida, Bataille, Kristeva, Barthes, Foucault and Deleuze. The Reader includes essays available in English for the first time by Kristeva and Foucault, and a fascinating interview with Barthes. It provides a unique insight into the poststructuralist movement by presenting some of the pioneering essays on literature and culture, gender, film, semiotics and psychoanalysis.

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  • Radio Corpse

    Price: $25.00

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  • Life in Pieces

    Price: $15.00

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  • Endless Night

    Price: $19.95

    The “endless night” that film theory and psychoanalysis share is the darkness that these two disciplines face in their quest for the logics of intelligibility. This collection emphasizes the history of theory to demonstrate that film theory must be written with a strong sense of historical consciousness, curiosity, and archaeological craft. The volume brings together film theorists and practicing psychoanalysts to encourage an exchange of views between disciplines that encounter each other all too rarely.

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