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  • On Jean-Luc Nancy

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    On Jean-Luc Nancy presents, for the first time in English, some of the key issues at the heart of Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe and Jean-Luc Nancy’s work. We see some of the key motifs that have characterized their work: their debt to a Heideggerian pre-understanding of philosophy, the centrality of the “figure” in western philosophy and the totalitarianism of both politics and the political. Through contemporary readings of the political in Freud, Heidegger and Marx they reveal how philosophy relies on the political for its reinvention and representation and how it has done so since Socrates’ meditation on the polis. Contributors include Georges van den Abeele, Miguel de Beistegui, howard Caygill, Fred Dallmayr, Francis Fischer, Rodolphe Gasche, Werner Hamacher, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jeffrey S. Librett, Alphonso Lingis, Michael B. Naas and Wilhelm S. Wurzer.”These extraordinarily timely essays do far more than make sense of Nancy’s work. They take from that work a sense of orientation that remains once the great Western project called philosophy has reached its limit .”...

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  • Tolstoy's Spiritual Economics

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  • Radical Heroes

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    This book examines the ideas of two of the most controversial radical heroes of adult education, Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire, gauging their significance for the development of a radical politics of adult education in the post-Soviet, post-apartheid new world order. Gramsci offers a noble vision of the role of adult education in the creation of revolutionary Marxist hegemony; but the cause he lived and died for has all but collapsed. Nevertheless, his distinction between common sense and good sense, his theory of the intellectual and his concept of hegemony bear scrutiny today. In Freire’s pedagogy of the oppressed, the relationship between leader and followed, teacher and student, is problematic and this book questions whether his pedagogy has the liberating potential he envisioned. The author considers and rejects the linkage of Gramsci’s and Freire’s ideas in the adult education literature. Nonetheless, Gramsci and Freire have huge symbolic importance as radical heroes in an under-theorized and marginalised field. The study highlights a problem with the radical hero phenomenon: when individuals become icons,...

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  • Bakhtin in Contexts

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    Contributors include Caryl Emerson, Gary Saul Morson, R. Bracht Branham, Dale E. Peterson, Lisa Eckstrom, Stanley Aronowitz, Vincent Crapanzano, John Dore, and Amy Mandelker.Table of ContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction: Dialogue on Every Corner, Bakhtin in Every Class 1Pt. 1 Bakhtin and Literary StudiesSlavic StudiesProsaic Bakhtin: Landmarks, Anti-Intelligentsialism, and the Russian Countertradition 33ClassicsInventing the Novel 79African American StudiesResponse and Call: The African American Dialogue with Bakhtin and What It Signifies 89American LiteratureMoral Perception and the Chronotope: The Case of Henry James 99Pt. 2 Bakhtin and Social TheorySociologyLiterature as Social Knowledge: Mikhail Bakhtin and the Reemergence of the Human Sciences 119AnthropologyThe Postmodern Crisis: Discourse, Parody, Memory 137LinguisticsThe Emergence of Language from Dialogue 151SemioticsLogosphere and Semiosphere: Bakhtin, Russian Organicism, and the Semiotics of Culture 177Notes 191Notes on Contributors 217

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  • Marxism Beyond Marxism

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    Marxism Beyond Marxism is a collection of essays that critically rethinks Marxism at time when its practice and theory has been seemingly taken to task by the events in 1989 in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Containing essays from a group of internationally distinguished writers and intellectuals, this collection addresses Marxism as a cultural-political problematic. Contending that Marxism is deeply embedded in specific cultural practices, the contributors illuminate Marxism’s contribution to discussions of labor in post-industrial capitalism, to controversies surrounding compulsory heterosexuality and queer theory, and to debates about the institutionalization and academicization of the “New” Left. In examining Marxism’s relationship to cultural practices, the contributors make a vigorous and compelling case for Marxism’s continued relevance. By combining a diversity of perspectives, these essays demonstrate that Marxism addresses urgent needs that are often foresaken by other political and ideological practices. They show how–now more than ever–Marxism’s reaffirmation can serve as a sophisticated and cunning response to the latest global devlopments–and travesties....

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  • Ideologies of Theory: Essays, 1971-1986

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    In all his essays, Jameson explores theoretical territory then unknown to most American critics, brings back ideas, explains and criticizes them, and does so both inventively and systematically. The ‘system’ he helps to construct is a set of critical attitudes rather than a stale enclosure of interpretive rules, and those attitudes have changed the shape of American thought about literature and culture, not only in the academy but also in the literate press.

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